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Meaning of OUTJIE

OUTJIE means: Outjie is South African slang for a child, a small person.

Meaning of OUTLAW

OUTLAW means: Outlaw is Jamaican slang for an errant person or criminal., a gang member. Outlaw is American slang for exceptional, outstanding.Outlaw is West Indian slang for wild, barbarous, crude.

Meaning of OUTSERT

OUTSERT means: Outsert is advertising slang for a self−contained and detachable advertising supplement within a newspaper or magazine.

Meaning of OUTSIDE

OUTSIDE means: Outside is slang for not in prison.


OUTSIDE RIGHT means: Outside right is British slang for the seven in a deck of cards.


OUTSIDER ART means: Outsider art is slang for art produced by people not considered part of the mainstream.


OUTTAKE SHOW means: Outtake show is American slang for a television program consisting of a series of homemade or professional video clips strung together around a common theme.


OVARY TICKLER means: Ovary tickler is British slang for the penis.

Meaning of OVER ONE'S HEAD

OVER ONE'S HEAD means: Over one's head is slang for beyond one's comprehension.

Meaning of OVER THE EDGE

OVER THE EDGE means: Over the edge is slang for hysterical; in an emotional crisis or panic. Over the edge is slang for to excess.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

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Meaning of Reductil Online Kaufen

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