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Meaning of off the hook

off the hook means: Phrs. Exceptionally good, cool, wonderful.

Meaning of oggin

oggin means: Noun. 1. Sea. [Navy use] 2. Water. [Navy use]

Meaning of oily

oily means: Noun. A cigarette. From the rhyming slang 'oily rag', meaning 'fag'.

Meaning of oi oi savaloy !

oi oi savaloy ! means: Exclam. 1. A greeting or attention seeking exclamation. Cockney? [Mainly London use] 2. Used to get attention. [Mainly London use]

Meaning of old bean

old bean means: Noun. A form of address. E.g."Hello old bean, how are you today?"

Meaning of old boiler

old boiler means: Noun. 1. An unnattractive woman. Derog. 2. Wife. Derog.

Meaning of old chap

old chap means: Noun. Affectionate term for one's penis. Cf 'old fellow', 'old man', 'lad'.

Meaning of old cock

old cock means: Noun. Affectionate term of address for a man. Also 'old cocker'.

Meaning of old cocker

old cocker means: Noun. A form of address, usually for a man. Occasionally shortened to 'cocker'.

Meaning of old fart

old fart means: Noun. An elderly, old fashioned and tedious person. Derog. See 'fart'.

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Meaning of


Meaning of


Meaning of

means: XXX

Meaning of


Meaning of Xxxxx

Xxxxx means: Xxxx

Meaning of Traipses

Traipses means:

Meaning of Frajo

Frajo means:

Meaning of Mug match

Mug match means: ?

Meaning of poofer

poofer means: meaning marijuana cigarettr

Meaning of cushion

cushion means:

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