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Meaning of On the job

On the job means: If you are on the job, it could mean that you are hard at work, or having sex. Usually the context helps you decide which it is!

Meaning of On about

On about means: What are you on about? That's something you may well hear when visiting the UK. It means what are you talking about?

Meaning of Off your trolley

Off your trolley means: If someone tells you that you're off your trolley, it means you have gone raving bonkers, crazy, mad!

Meaning of Off colour

Off colour means: If someone said you were off colour they would mean that you look pale and ill! Not quite the same as something being off colour in the US!

Meaning of Out to Lunch

Out to Lunch means: Same as lame.That guy is "out to lunch," I can't stand the way he plays.

Meaning of Out of this world

Out of this world means: A superlative which is no longer in common use.I'm tellin' ya, man, the way Benny Goodman blows is "out of this world."

Meaning of Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder means: Fast asleep

Meaning of Owt

Owt means: Bra

Meaning of Our Kid

Our Kid means: Eyes

Meaning of Out Like A Light

Out Like A Light means: Brother or sister

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Charter Boat Company Dubai

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Meaning of What Is Surrogacy

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Meaning of Marvel Travel

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Meaning of Magento 2 Extensions

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Meaning of Buy Kitchen Gadgets Online

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Meaning of Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

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Meaning of Auto Shipping To Canada

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Meaning of Wood Chips For Sale

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Meaning of CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Oil Benefits means: Talking about the CBD oil benefits, it is more convenient to use than the raw form. Though hemp is legal in most states, it smells like weed and can cause trouble if consumed in public. Visit :
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Meaning of Online Dispensary

Online Dispensary means: However, there is a question whether people will prefer buying from dealers and stores around or through online dispensary that offers a number of benefits over other methods. Visit :
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