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Meaning of PAINFUL

PAINFUL means: Painful is American slang for bad.


PAINFUL EXPERIENCE means: Painful experience is British slang for a pest, an annoying person.

Meaning of PAINT

PAINT means: Paint is slang for to drink.Paint is Australian slang for cheap red wine.Paint is American gay slang for to defecate during anal intercourse.


PAINT ONESELF INTO A CORNER means: Paint oneself into a corner is American slang for to get oneself into a situation that is difficult to get out of.


PAINT THE BACK SEAT means: Paint the back seat is American slang for to vomit.


PAINTED MISCHIEF means: Painted mischief is slang for playing cards.


PAINTED PEEPER means: Painted peeper was th century British slang for a black eye.

Meaning of PAIPSEY

PAIPSEY means: Paipsey is Jamaican slang for insipid, weak, unattractive.


PAIR OF NICKERS means: Pair of nickers is British slang for two pounds sterling.

Meaning of PAKI

PAKI means: Paki is derogatory British slang for an Indian Asian. Paki is British slang for an Asian−operated shop. Paki is British slang for low quality black hashish.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Inverselogic, Inc

Inverselogic, Inc means: Address: 3467 Ocean View Blvd. Suite A, Glendale, CA 91208 USA

Phone: (818) 542-3103

Email: [email protected]


Category: Information Technology , Web Design, Computer Repair Service·

Keywords: Information Technology At Glendale, CA. Web Design At Glendale, CA. Computer Repair Service ·At Glendale, CA.

Description: Inverselogic utilizes Innovative and Cost-Efficient Technology to deliver maximum value to its customers. These technology solutions are configured to each business' unique requirements with special consideration for the needs and skills of their users. Our specialties include consulting, network integration, systems support, outsourced managed services, custom web applications, and more. Above all, Inverselogic practices Commitment to High Quality Service. Inverselogic leverages strategic partnerships with leading organizations like Dell, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon to better serve its customers. Our collective wealth of knowledge and expertise paired with strong relationships within the industry allow our clients to enjoy cutting-edge technology and the highest standard in service.

Hour: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm


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Meaning of Chilli in my/someone's ear

Chilli in my/someone's ear means: When someone says your words are chili in my ear, they mean that your words are offensive or vulgar

Meaning of Synonymalising/synonymalizing

Synonymalising/synonymalizing means: Resembling
E.g Nelzealours synonymalises with no one in this class.

Meaning of


Meaning of Orange County Immigration Attorney

Orange County Immigration Attorney means: Address: 1651 East 4th Street Suite #139, Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA

Phone: (714) 909-0426


Category: Immigration Attorney, lawyer

Keywords: Immigration Attorney At Santa Ana, CA . lawyer At Santa Ana, CA

Description: At the Orange County Immigration Attorney, we promise that you will be represented by one of our experienced attorneys throughout the immigration process. We do not accept your case and then hand it over to another law firm, a “Notario,” or “Petition Preparer.” From the initial consultation to representation in front of the Government, you will have a practicing lawyer handling your immigration matters. We recognize how complex this area of law is and that’s why our goal is to provide our clients with clear answers, thoroughly researched options, and simple solutions that will fit their individual needs and achieve the desired outcome, all in a timely and convenient manner. We guarantee that your case will be handled by an immigration attorney who has the best knowledge of the type of matter you require assistance with.

Hour: 24/7

Payment: cash, credit/debit cards

Meaning of


Meaning of Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts

Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts means: Martial Arts Instruction

Meaning of Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm means: Address: 515 South Harbor Blvd Suite #E, Anaheim, CA 92805 USA

Phone: (714) 740-7848


Category: Criminal Attorney , Attorney , Law

Keywords: Criminal Attorney At CA, Attorney At CA, Law At CA

Description: Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm serves all those who are charged with a crime in Orange County, CA. Daryl Anthony, Attorney at Law, has a legal background, unlike many attorneys serving the State of California. His defense strategies come from extensive experience as both a defense counsel and a prosecutor’s perspective. Daryl Anthony is prepared and ready to handle any criminal charges from the state level to the federal level.

Hour: 24/7

Payment: cash, credit/debit cards, cashier's checks, money orders

Year: 1991

Meaning of 888 Companions Doral

888 Companions Doral means: Address: 1700 NW 97th Ave, Doral, FL 33172

Phone: 305-570-2315


Welcome to 888 Companions! We are South Florida’s number one source for high end escorts, companions and reliable, convenient and predictable in call visits & locations. We pride ourselves on having an amazing staff that thousands count on and visit on a regular basis. 888 believes in a quality over quantity approach, not just anyone receives the 888 badge of approval as you’ll see our selection process isn’t limited solely to looks. We go a step further and evaluate intelligence, conversational skills, desire to please, hygiene, goal orientation & self-esteem. If you desire the best escorts / companions Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach have to offer then you’ve stumbled upon the proper site.

Meaning of San Diego Restraining Order Attorney

San Diego Restraining Order Attorney means: Address: 750 B Street Suite #2511, San Diego, CA 92101 USA

Phone: 619-728-6293


Keyword: Restraining Order Attorney At CA, Attorney At CA, Law At CA

Description: At San Diego Restraining Order Attorney, we’ve helped countless individuals and families in San Diego and the surrounding areas for years. We understand what’s at stake with any type of California restraining order, and our priority is to protect you from the associated stigma. We can review your case to determine the best course of action to minimize the consequences or have the order removed if it was issued unfairly. Our legal team is talented at developing expert strategies and will fight zealously to ensure your rights are protected.

Hour: 24/7

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