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Meaning of PIPER

PIPER means: Piper is British and American slang for a crack cocaine smoker. Piper is British slang for a work−place spy, a lookout.

Meaning of PIPES

PIPES means: Pipes is British slang for the respiratory system.

Meaning of PIPSQUEEK

PIPSQUEEK means: Pipsqueek is slang for a feeble, ineffectual person.

Meaning of PISS

PISS means: Piss is slang for to urinate. Piss is slang for weak beer. Piss is slang for nonsense.Piss is British slang for to waste, to squander.

Meaning of PISS ABOUT

PISS ABOUT means: Piss about is slang for to behave in a casual or silly way.

Meaning of PISS ARTIST

PISS ARTIST means: Piss artist is slang for a time waster.Piss artist is British slang for a regular drinker, a drunkard.

Meaning of PISS FLAPS

PISS FLAPS means: Piss flaps is British slang for the labia.

Meaning of PISS HOME

PISS HOME means: Piss home is British slang for to win a race easily.

Meaning of PISS IN

PISS IN means: Piss in is British slang for to win a race easily.


PISS IN THE SWIMMING POOL means: Piss in the swimming pool is British slang for to spoil something.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

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Meaning of Hot Topics

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Meaning of CBD Lip Balm

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Meaning of Capital Allowances Tax Relief

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Meaning of Sparen

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Meaning of Alipay Merchant

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Meaning of Esports Events

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Meaning of Buy Home Cyprus

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Meaning of Best Natural Allergy Medicine

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