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Meaning of THE NUTS

THE NUTS means: The nuts is British slang for the best.

Meaning of THE OFFICE

THE OFFICE means: The office is slang for a hint or signal.

Meaning of THE OLD BOY

THE OLD BOY means: The old boy is slang for the Devil.


THE ORDER OF THE BOOT means: The order of the boot is British slang for dismissal, rejection, refusal.

Meaning of THE OTHER

THE OTHER means: The other is slang for sexual intercourse or activity.

Meaning of THE PACKET

THE PACKET means: The packet is slang for everything.

Meaning of THE PEOPLE

THE PEOPLE means: The people is American slang for one's peer group.

Meaning of THE PIPE

THE PIPE means: The pipe was British slang for the London underground railway system.

Meaning of THE PITS

THE PITS means: The pits is slang for the worst possible person, place, or thing.

Meaning of THE PLOD

THE PLOD means: The plod is British slang for uniformed police.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of 1500 Watt LED Light

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Meaning of A Course In Miracles Instagram

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Meaning of Research And Development Funding

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Meaning of Alipay Merchant Account

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Meaning of Esports Fan News

Esports Fan News means: This is actually certainly not so in addition to sports like hockey, baseball, baseball, also golf and even ping pong. Visit: https://www.esportznetwork.com/
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Meaning of Speeding Ticket Lawyer Jacksonville

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Meaning of EKG Electrodes

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Meaning of Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan means: A really good social media marketing agency need to possess the capability to boost interaction to your intended market. Visit: https://socialflowusa.com/
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Meaning of Electrical Companies In Jacksonville FL

Electrical Companies In Jacksonville FL means: Commercial electrical contractors are actually not the same as electricians. Electrical contractors are just people who carry out some electricity related tasks. Visit: https://gnhelectric.net/
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Meaning of Emergency Vet Jacksonville FL

Emergency Vet Jacksonville FL means: One of the several factors is actually the health and wellness of your household pet. Visit: https://firstcoastveter.com/
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