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Meaning of TAKE A POWDER

TAKE A POWDER means: Take a powder is American and Canadian slang for to run away or disappear.


TAKE A RAINCHECK means: Take a raincheck is slang for to postpone.

Meaning of TAKE DOWN

TAKE DOWN means: Take down is American slang for to kill.

Meaning of TAKE FIVE

TAKE FIVE means: Take Five is slang for have a brief rest or respite from ones task.

Meaning of TAKE IT EASY

TAKE IT EASY means: Take it easy is slang for a parting salutation to not let life get one down.

Meaning of TAKE NAMES

TAKE NAMES means: Take names is American slang for to take control, to chastise.


TAKE ONE'S LUMPS means: Take one's lumps is American slang for to suffer misfortune.

Meaning of TAKE OUT

TAKE OUT means: Take out is slang for to kill or destroy.

Meaning of TAKE SIGHTS

TAKE SIGHTS means: Take sights is criminal slang for observe, watch closely.


TAKE THE ARTHUR means: Take the Arthur is British slang for to mock, to verbally assault.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Counterfeit Money For Sale

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Meaning of Los Angeles Defense Attorney Law Firm

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Meaning of EC Cash Rollen

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Meaning of Thermopapier

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Meaning of example quote

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Meaning of create an invoice free

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Meaning of TarteeleQuran.Com

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Meaning of LearnQuran.Online

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Meaning of Election Campaign SMS Messages

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Meaning of Comprehensive SEO services

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