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Meaning of up in arms

up in arms means: angry

Meaning of up the duff

up the duff means: pregnant

Meaning of up time

up time means: time a computer system is operating

Meaning of upbeat

upbeat means: bright, cheerful

Meaning of upchuck

upchuck means: to vomit, throw up

Meaning of upfront

upfront means: honest, open

Meaning of upper

upper means: a stimulant drug, a drug that stimulates the heart and the nervous system

Meaning of uppity

uppity means: conceited, arrogant, pretentious

Meaning of uptight

uptight means: tense, anxious

Meaning of use

use means: to take mind-altering drugs, especially those that are addictive like heroin, cocaine and amphetamines

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of au besoin

au besoin means: if necessary, if need be (lit.: at the need)

Meaning of attraper le coup

attraper le coup means: get the knack; get the swing of (lit.: to trap a blow)

Meaning of attention à

attention à means: watch out (for)

Meaning of asperge

asperge means: tall, thin person

Meaning of arrondir ses fins de mois

arrondir ses fins de mois means: supplement one’s income

Meaning of armoire à glace

armoire à glace means: muscleman

Meaning of armé jusqu'aux cheveux

armé jusqu'aux cheveux means: armed to the teeth

Meaning of aristo

aristo means: aristocrat

Meaning of araignée au plafond

araignée au plafond means: have bats in the belfry; be batty

Meaning of après coup

après coup means: after the event; after the fact

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