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Meaning of Unmoor

Unmoor means: To cast off hawsers by which a vessel is attached to a buoy or wharf.

Meaning of Unreeve

Unreeve means: To run a line completely through and out of a block, fairlead, etc.

Meaning of Unrig

Unrig means: To remove or disassemble gear after it is used.

Meaning of Unseaworthiness

Unseaworthiness means: The state or condition of a vessel when it is not in a proper state of maintenance, or if the loading equipment or crew, or in any other respect is not ready to encounter the ordinary perils of sea.

Meaning of Unship

Unship means: To remove from a ship. To remove an item from its place.

Meaning of Up and Down

Up and Down means: Said of cable when it extends vertically and taut from anchor to hawsepipe.

Meaning of Upper Deck

Upper Deck means: The highest continuous deck which runs the full length of the ship without a fall or interruption.

Meaning of Upwind

Upwind means: To windward, in the direction of the eye of the wind; toward the wind; in the direction from which the wind is coming

Meaning of Under bare poles

Under bare poles means: A ship without her sails set.

Meaning of Underway

Underway means: having begun to move through the water.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Eyeglass Sales Near Me

Eyeglass Sales Near Me means: Eyeglass Sales Near Me

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Meaning of Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Ticket Lawyer means: Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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Meaning of Jax Malcolm

Jax Malcolm means: Jax Malcolm

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Meaning of Nursing Home Abuse Gainesville FL

Nursing Home Abuse Gainesville FL means: Nursing Home Abuse Gainesville FL

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Meaning of Medical Product Liability Gainesville FL

Medical Product Liability Gainesville FL means: Medical Product Liability Gainesville FL

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Meaning of Defective Drug Cases Gainesville FL

Defective Drug Cases Gainesville FL means: Defective Drug Cases Gainesville FL

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Meaning of French Huguenot

French Huguenot means: French Huguenot

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Meaning of Automatic Submersible Pump

Automatic Submersible Pump means: Automatic Submersible Pump

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Meaning of Water Damage Restoration Orlando

Water Damage Restoration Orlando means: Water Damage Restoration Orlando

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Meaning of Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Divorce Lawyer Near Me means: Divorce Lawyer Near Me

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