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Meaning of VITAMIN R

VITAMIN R means: Ritalin (methylphenidate

Meaning of VODKA ACID


Meaning of VHTF 

VHTF  means: Stands for Very Hard To Find.  Example:  “Enchanted Polish Marge’s Blue Beehive is VHTF.”

Meaning of VNL

VNL means: Stands for Visible Nail Line. When you wear a polish (often sheers or jellies) and you can see the white (tip/free edge) of your nail through the polish.

Meaning of VARNISH

VARNISH means: Passenger train. Also called varnished shot, varnished job, varnished boxes, string of varnish, varnished wagons, etc. These nicknames are rarely applied to modern streamliners

Meaning of VASELINE

VASELINE means: Oil

Meaning of Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner means: Their noses represent a vacuum. Also used because they "vacuum up" much cocaine.

Meaning of Vanilla Coke

Vanilla Coke means: Black people with white personalities.

Meaning of Vanilla Gorilla

Vanilla Gorilla means: A black guy who acts white. Used mostly to describe unathletic blacks, who, according to stereotypes, should be naturally good at sports

Meaning of Velcro-head

Velcro-head means: Characteristics of the hair.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of


Meaning of Seen you in church in the Bald headed row

Seen you in church in the Bald headed row means:

Meaning of


Meaning of Litty

Litty means:

Meaning of Anisophylleaceae

Anisophylleaceae means: A plant

Meaning of

means: SHIP

Meaning of Aegean

Aegean means:

Meaning of Juanoxx

Juanoxx means: Hombre de pana

Meaning of


Meaning of Probity-Ringer

Probity-Ringer means: Person who uses or expresses moral sounding values or principles to project themselves as righteous and virtuous, but in reality the individual holds no personal belief in these values, only insofar as to use them to claim the moral high ground in order to win debate

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