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Slang dictionary, find a slang word, phrase and meanings

Words starting with v

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of vid

vid means: A memory. I get good vibes from the new secretary.

Meaning of vigorish

vigorish means: High interest on a loan. I got a vid of you falling down the steps!

Meaning of vitals

vitals means: Important information. He got the money from a loan shark who charged him 10% a day in vigorish.

Meaning of vogues

vogues means: Wide wheels. Yo, can you give me the vitals on Jims party?

Meaning of Vaquero

Vaquero means: cowboy in Spanish; Spanish root word for the American word “buckaroo”.

Meaning of vac (1)

vac (1) means: vacation, holiday

Meaning of vac (2)

vac (2) means: a vacuum cleaner (n.) | to clean with a vacuum cleaner (v.)

Meaning of vamoose

vamoose means: to depart quickly

Meaning of veejay | VJ

veejay | VJ means: a presenter of music videos, usually on television

Meaning of veep

veep means: the vice president

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Probity-Ringer

Probity-Ringer means: Person who uses or expresses moral sounding values or principles to project themselves as righteous and virtuous, but in reality the individual holds no personal belief in these values, only insofar as to use them to claim the moral high ground in order to win debate

Meaning of

means: ishkababadadadadex

Meaning of penal

penal means:

Meaning of

means: Feed the pony

Meaning of

means: Slang meaning or definition and example

Meaning of The L

The L means: Taking the L means to take a loss.

Meaning of


Meaning of mcm

mcm means: Men crush mondays

Meaning of Slang

Slang means:

Meaning of avorton

avorton means: runt

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