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Meaning of WAY−OUT

WAY−OUT means: Way−out is slang for unusual, unconventional, avant garde.

Meaning of WAZZ

WAZZ means: Wazz is slang for to urinate.

Meaning of WAZZOCK

WAZZOCK means: Wazzock is slang for an imbecile.

Meaning of WEAPON

WEAPON means: Weapon is slang for the penis.

Meaning of WEAR

WEAR means: Wear is British slang for to accept.

Meaning of WEAR A SMILE

WEAR A SMILE means: Wear a smile is Black−American slang for to be naked

Meaning of WEASEL

WEASEL means: Weasel (shortened from weasel and stoat) is London Cockney rhyming slang for coat. Weasel is slang for a sly, devious, vicious person.Weasel is British slang for to behave in a devious, sly or underhand manner. Weasel is British slang for to carry luggage in order to extract a tip.


WEASEL AND STOAT means: Weasel and stoat is London Cockney rhyming slang for coat.


WEASEL WORDS means: Weasel words is slang for insincere.

Meaning of WEATHER

WEATHER means: Weather is air−crew slang for bad weather or turbulence.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Victor Phillip Jr

Victor Phillip Jr means: This means a Gay ,long-forehead, black goat

Meaning of An Alex baal

An Alex baal means: When you like making a lot of hairline jokes but you lack one yourself you is an Alex baal

Meaning of A Jesus Shepherd

A Jesus Shepherd means: Is someone who often do gay shit and is bash on indians

Meaning of Afuckingretard

Afuckingretard means: Some who uses the word outters

Meaning of A gay school boy

A gay school boy means: If a boy likes wear skinny pants and owns a lot of skinny band and brand name clothes and footwear and have insecurities he is a fag

Meaning of Just being a fag

Just being a fag means: When some wears and own skinny pants
E.g school boy with puff hair who likes wearing skinny pants

Meaning of Bushmasta

Bushmasta means: When your indian

Meaning of You ain't shit

You ain't shit means: When you think you can hold someone in a fight but your body is shape like a stick figure

Meaning of A bitch ass homo

A bitch ass homo means: When you name Shandon and you look like a Muppet

Meaning of

means: Man o war: comrade ikedi Joshua
Man o war we : man o war wa
Who no go : no go known
Alaska we: Alaska wa
One bullet : one poison

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