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Meaning of WEB

WEB means: Web is slang for the world wide web.


WEDDING TACKLE means: Wedding tackle is British slang for the male genitals.

Meaning of WEDGE

WEDGE means: Wedge is slang for money, wealth. Wedge was th century slang for silver.

Meaning of WEDGED

WEDGED means: Wedged is British slang for wealthy.

Meaning of WEE

WEE means: Wee is slang for to urinate.

Meaning of WEE−WEE

WEE−WEE means: wee−wee is slang for to urinate; urine.

Meaning of WEED

WEED means: Weed is slang for a cigarette, tobacco. Weed is slang for cannabis.Weed is British slang for a weak and ineffective person. Weed is British slang for to steal, embezzle.

Meaning of WEEDHEAD

WEEDHEAD means: Weedhead is slang for a marijuana smoker.

Meaning of WEEDY

WEEDY means: Weedy is British slang for weak and ineffective.

Meaning of WEENIE

WEENIE means: Weenie is American slang for a frankfurter−type of sausage. Weenie is American slang for the penis.Weenie is American slang for an ineffectual or tedious person.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of

means: Slang meaning or definition and example
From there now=there now

Meaning of

means: the first and last episode of a TV series

Meaning of garbage

garbage means:

Meaning of fried egg

fried egg means:

Meaning of fried egg

fried egg means:

Meaning of American Relocation Services

American Relocation Services means: Address:
1035 West Avenue, Suite 905
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: 888-585-4921


Long Distance Mover

American Relocation Services is federally licensed to provide long-distance moving services to anyone from businesses to residents. We arrange premium level moving services configured to any circumstance or situation that arises to efficiently and adeptly complete the move whether out-of-state or intrastate. Simply check the availability of your move with our team.

Business Hours:
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Meaning of Sparks

Sparks means:

Meaning of Marks and Sparks

Marks and Sparks means:

Meaning of Monk

Monk means:

Meaning of felcher

felcher means:

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