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WEENIE−WAGGER means: Weenie−wagger is American slang for a male masturbator. Weenie−wagger is American slang for a male sexual exhibitionist.

Meaning of WEENSY

WEENSY means: Weensy is slang for tiny, miniscule.

Meaning of WEEPIE

WEEPIE means: Weepie is slang for a sentimental film.


WEEPING WILLOW means: Weeping Willow is London Cockney rhyming slang for pillow.

Meaning of WEEPY

WEEPY means: Weepy is slang for a film that is sentimentally emotional.

Meaning of WEIGHT

WEIGHT means: Weight is British slang for a pound of a drug, especially cannabis. Weight is American slang for narcotics.


WEIGHT TRAINERS means: Weight Trainers is slang for any anabolic steroid.

Meaning of WEIRD OUT

WEIRD OUT means: Weird out is American slang for to behave in an eccentric manner, to undergo a disturbing change of mood.

Meaning of WEIRDIE

WEIRDIE means: Weirdie is slang for a non−conformist.

Meaning of WEIRDO

WEIRDO means: Weirdo is slang for a non−conformist.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Offie

Offie means: In school slang, an offie is used as a term to describe someone that’s weird or not “popular”. Ex. Look at those offies (off-E-s)

Meaning of heave ahead

heave ahead means: To have a drink of alcohol to get a person going.

Meaning of cruckles

cruckles means:

Meaning of Victor Phillip Jr

Victor Phillip Jr means: This means a Gay ,long-forehead, black goat

Meaning of An Alex baal

An Alex baal means: When you like making a lot of hairline jokes but you lack one yourself you is an Alex baal

Meaning of A Jesus Shepherd

A Jesus Shepherd means: Is someone who often do gay shit and is bash on indians

Meaning of Afuckingretard

Afuckingretard means: Some who uses the word outters

Meaning of A gay school boy

A gay school boy means: If a boy likes wear skinny pants and owns a lot of skinny band and brand name clothes and footwear and have insecurities he is a fag

Meaning of Just being a fag

Just being a fag means: When some wears and own skinny pants
E.g school boy with puff hair who likes wearing skinny pants

Meaning of Bushmasta

Bushmasta means: When your indian

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