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ZOOTED/ ZOOTIE/ ZOOTIE BANG means: A popular phrase that many MC's (rappers) say on the mic, Showing an MC's confidence in his or her abilities, or self.


ZULU/ ZULU NATION means: High on angel dust, PCP.

Meaning of ZZZ

ZZZ means: Sleeping, bored, tired

Meaning of zock

zock means: a blow, a sock

Meaning of za

za means: Pizza. The yutz threw up on the principal as he took his diploma at graduation.

Meaning of zapped

zapped means: Exhausted. Let's go to Joe's and get some za.

Meaning of zeen

zeen means: To understand. I am too zapped to help you right now.

Meaning of zerbit

zerbit means: To give a contact raspberry or love bite. I worked 12 hours today, zeen? So I'm mad tired.

Meaning of zinger

zinger means: Something that gets your attention; a sharp punch line. Joe happily zerbitted Lisa on the neck.

Meaning of zip

zip means: Nothing. Aunt Mavis can always come up with a zinger for anything you say.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of


Meaning of Sket

Sket means: A girl that has lots of boys to choose from like that girl likes every boy

Meaning of back seat bingo

back seat bingo means: Back seat bingo

Meaning of MZXCO ,COM


Meaning of Finesse someone means:

Finesse someone means: means: To steal or take something off of someone leaving them in shocking surprise. *Example* Tyrone just finessed me... he took my apple juice. Finesse is an American slang term, mainly used by African Americans!

Meaning of anguist

anguist means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of U

U means: U meaning you

Meaning of Yo

Yo means: Meaning hello

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