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Meaning of Zenith Angle

Zenith Angle means: The angle between the zenith and a heavenly body.

Meaning of Zephyr

Zephyr means: A gentle breeze; the slightest movement of air.

Meaning of Zincs

Zincs means: Sacrificial anodes placed on a vessel to prevent electrolysis of vital metal parts.

Meaning of Zulu

Zulu means: Used to indicated times measured in Coordinated Universal Time, a successor to Greenwich Mean Time. A time standard that is not affected by time zones or seasons.

Meaning of Zee

Zee means: Dutch for Sea

Meaning of Zeerover

Zeerover means: Dutch Pirates

Meaning of Zeen?

Zeen? means: You understand me?(whereas "Oh, zeen" means "oh, yes")

Meaning of ZION

ZION means: Rastafarian holy land; the highest spiritual plain.

Meaning of Zeen? (Jamaican)

Zeen? (Jamaican) means: Seeing what I'm saying?/You understand?

Meaning of Zakumi

Zakumi means: - the official World Cup mascot Designed by Andries Odendaal, Zakumi is an anthropomorphised leopard with green dreadlocks. His name comes from "ZA", the code for South Africa, and "kumi", which means 10 in various African languages.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Aegean

Aegean means:

Meaning of Juanoxx

Juanoxx means: Hombre de pana

Meaning of


Meaning of Probity-Ringer

Probity-Ringer means: Person who uses or expresses moral sounding values or principles to project themselves as righteous and virtuous, but in reality the individual holds no personal belief in these values, only insofar as to use them to claim the moral high ground in order to win debate

Meaning of

means: ishkababadadadadex

Meaning of penal

penal means:

Meaning of

means: Feed the pony

Meaning of

means: Slang meaning or definition and example

Meaning of The L

The L means: Taking the L means to take a loss.

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