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Meaning of zob

zob means: dick, prick, cock.

Meaning of zozio

zozio means: bird (n.b.: child talk).

Meaning of zozo

zozo means: ninny; nitwit; guy; dude; bloke.

Meaning of zut

zut means: damn; drat; darn (mild imprecation). 1. Zut alors! (Damn it).

Meaning of zyva 

zyva  means: let's go; go on (n.b.: verlan of vas-y).

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of wog

wog means: From "western oriental gentleman" ,became generally used for any non white

Meaning of Mutanda

Mutanda means: Cigarette

Meaning of Litty

Litty means:

Meaning of

means: 20005

Meaning of

means: lopvlies

Meaning of jogs

jogs means: Slang meaning or definition and example

Meaning of

means: Garbo

Meaning of Whirly dirly

Whirly dirly means: talking of kind of kisses : in the certain version of the whirly dirly manual, you get lip sucking in there

Meaning of Lay chilly

Lay chilly means:

Meaning of Mystery bag

Mystery bag means:

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