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Meaning of ZEP

ZEP means: Zep is slang for a Zeppelin airship.

Meaning of ZEPPELIN

ZEPPELIN means: Zeppelin is slang for a large cannabis cigarette. Zeppelin is slang for a large penis.


ZEPPELINS IN A FOG means: Zeppelins in a fog is American slang for sausages in mashed potato.

Meaning of ZERKED

ZERKED means: Zerked is slang for intoxicated by drugs.

Meaning of ZERKING

ZERKING means: Zerking is American slang for odd, eccentric, bizarre.

Meaning of ZERO

ZERO means: Zero is slang for an insignificant person.

Meaning of ZERO MINUS

ZERO MINUS means: Zero minus is American slang for unacceptable, impossible.

Meaning of ZERO OUT

ZERO OUT means: Zero out is American slang for to run out of money.

Meaning of ZERO−COOL

ZERO−COOL means: Zero−cool is American slang for extremely, impressive, admirable.

Meaning of ZETZ

ZETZ means: Zetz is American slang for a punch, a blow.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of

means: Man o war: comrade ikedi Joshua
Man o war we : man o war wa
Who no go : no go known
Alaska we: Alaska wa
One bullet : one poison

Meaning of

means: Slang meaning or definition and example
From there now=there now

Meaning of

means: the first and last episode of a TV series

Meaning of garbage

garbage means:

Meaning of fried egg

fried egg means:

Meaning of fried egg

fried egg means:

Meaning of American Relocation Services

American Relocation Services means: Address:
1035 West Avenue, Suite 905
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: 888-585-4921


Long Distance Mover

American Relocation Services is federally licensed to provide long-distance moving services to anyone from businesses to residents. We arrange premium level moving services configured to any circumstance or situation that arises to efficiently and adeptly complete the move whether out-of-state or intrastate. Simply check the availability of your move with our team.

Business Hours:
Mo-Fr 9:00-6:00, Sa 10:00-5:00

Meaning of Sparks

Sparks means:

Meaning of Marks and Sparks

Marks and Sparks means:

Meaning of Monk

Monk means:

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