Slang meaning of vex

vex means: dont vex me

What is the slang meaning/definition of vex ?

vex means: dont vex me

Slang definition of vex

vex means: dont vex me

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Meaning of Scooby

Scooby means: dont be so clumsy. dont be a scooby

Meaning of hait, hate

hait, hate means: Love, be attracted to. Reversed term. Used as "I hait you and you hait me so why dont we go out together?" Term mainly used by teenagers now-a-days to confuse each other and adults. . Hait is a contextual word for The contributor says he usually uses it as a relpacement for 'love' when around parents so they dont know what's being talked about. Hait is pronounced just like hate. But with different meanings. Contributor really likes this word because they think it is really funny to see peoples expressions when you say you hait them... Isn't suggesting saying it to a girl/boy friend. The word has just recently become a popular slang term and is used frequently on the streets.

Meaning of vex

vex means: dont vex me

Meaning of vex

vex means: dont vex me

Meaning of Dont Have A Cow Man

Dont Have A Cow Man means: theres no need to get in a mood about it

Meaning of Bea

Bea means: I dont give a fuckkkkkkk

Meaning of Watch

Watch means: Be careful; dont mess with me.

Meaning of world traveller

world traveller means: Describes someone who took it in every possible orepheus during a sex session. It is usually an insult which is not understood by most. Eg. They answer either yes or no, but dont knoiw what you are talking about.

Meaning of Rip

Rip means: To insult in large amounts.Past tense is Ripped. e.g 'if you dont like him you shud rip him,oh yeah you have already ripped him.'

Meaning of take the Michael (out of someone)

take the Michael (out of someone) means: Vrb phrs. To make fun, tease, satirize. From 'take the mickey'. E.g."I dont like John, he's always taking the Michael out of me."

Meaning of Rip

Rip means: To insult in large amounts.Past tense is Ripped. e.g 'if you dont like him you shud rip him,oh yeah you have already ripped him.'

Meaning of piss away

piss away means: Verb. To waste through carelessness or neglect, to squander. E.g."Take my advice son, dont piss away your marriage just for the sake of a bit of fun."

Meaning of spinny

spinny means: Adj. Strange, unusual, confusing. E.g."That new kid's spinny, and I dont trust him."

Meaning of scrub up well

scrub up well means: Vrb phrs. To dress up smartly and clean, in comparison to normally. E.g."Dont worry about me showing you up, I scrub up well and won't be wearing my jeans."

Meaning of Peace

Peace means: peace and dont forget the two fingers

Meaning of jailbait

jailbait means: Noun. An attractive female or male who, viewed sexually, is younger than the legal age of sexual consent. Also jail bait. E.g."I'll warn you now, dont get involved with Mike's sister, she's jailbait."

Meaning of sliced thick

sliced thick means: DEscription of physical appearence. For example "I dont like those thin girls. I likes mine sliced thick."

Meaning of Yank My Chain

Yank My Chain means: To mislead someone. To waste their time. To be dishonest. "Dont yank my chain buddy."

Meaning of shrimp

shrimp means: Verb. To lick, suck and kiss the toes for sexual gratification. E.g."I dont know how people can be into shrimping, imagine how smelly people's feet get."Noun. A small, thin, feeble and objectionable person. Cf. 'prawn'.

Meaning of baws

baws means: Testicles, i.e. 'balls. Used as "Dont talk baws", "Och yer baws", "Your baws are rancid!" or simply as "Baws!".

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Eftsoons

Eftsoons means: Again; anew; a second time; at once; speedily.

Meaning of Evidenced

Evidenced means: of Evidence

Meaning of Horn

Horn means: Any natural projection or excrescence from an animal, resembling or thought to resemble a horn in substance or form; esp.: (a) A projection from the beak of a bird, as in the hornbill. (b) A tuft of feathers on the head of a bird, as in the horned owl. (c) A hornlike projection from the head or thorax of an insect, or the head of a reptile, or fish. (d) A sharp spine in front of the fins of a fish, as in the horned pout.

Meaning of Mittimus

Mittimus means: A precept or warrant granted by a justice for committing to prison a party charged with crime; a warrant of commitment to prison.

Meaning of Twitch grass

Twitch grass means: See Quitch grass.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of FIZZER

FIZZER means: Fizzer is Australian slang for a person or thing that disappoints, fails to succeed, etc.


LIGHT FINGERS means: Light fingers is British slang for a thief, a shoplifter.

Meaning of SHIT−FACED

SHIT−FACED means: Shit−faced is slang for drunk.

Meaning of Lurgy

Lurgy means: If you have the lurgy it means you are ill, you have the Flu. Don't go near people with the lurgy in case you get it!

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