Slang meaning of Bonny

Bonny means: Mad

What is the slang meaning/definition of Bonny ?

Bonny means: Mad

Slang definition of Bonny

Bonny means: Mad

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Meaning of Pentagynia

Pentagynia means: A Linnaean order of plants, having five styles or pistils.

Meaning of Phoenicious

Phoenicious means: See Phenicious.

Meaning of Retrogressive

Retrogressive means: Passing from a higher to a lower condition; declining from a more perfect state of organization; regressive.

Meaning of Stop

Stop means: The closing of an aperture in the air passage, or pressure of the finger upon the string, of an instrument of music, so as to modify the tone; hence, any contrivance by which the sounds of a musical instrument are regulated.

Meaning of Trapdoor

Trapdoor means: A door in a level for regulating the ventilating current; -- called also weather door.

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Meaning of WHEELIE

WHEELIE means: Wheelie is slang for driving a vehicle with it's front wheel or wheels off the ground.

Meaning of LMFAO

LMFAO means: Laughing My Ass Off.

Meaning of harpoon a whale

harpoon a whale means: To insert a cock into a mouth, or anus of a fat man.

Meaning of stiver/stuiver/stuyver

stiver/stuiver/stuyver means: an old penny (1d). Stiver also earlier referred to any low value coin. Stiver was used in English slang from the mid 1700s through to the 1900s, and was derived from the Dutch Stiver coin issued by the East India Company in the Cape (of South Africa), which was the lowest East India Co monetary unit. There were twenty Stivers to the East India Co florin or gulden, which was then equal to just over an English old penny (1d). (source Cassells)

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