Slang meaning of Hard

Hard means: Perhaps

What is the slang meaning/definition of Hard ?

Hard means: Perhaps

Slang definition of Hard

Hard means: Perhaps

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Meaning of Homer

Homer means: A carrier pigeon remarkable for its ability to return home from a distance.

Meaning of Immovable

Immovable means: Lands and things adherent thereto by nature, as trees; by the hand of man, as buildings and their accessories; by their destination, as seeds, plants, manure, etc.; or by the objects to which they are applied, as servitudes.

Meaning of Shoot

Shoot means: To push or thrust forward; to project; to protrude; -- often with out; as, a plant shoots out a bud.

Meaning of Snarler

Snarler means: One who makes use of a snarling iron.

Meaning of Trail

Trail means: To draw or drag, as along the ground.

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Meaning of PIE CAN

PIE CAN means: Pie can is northern British slang for a fool, a dope.

Meaning of hiney, heine, heiney

hiney, heine, heiney means: Buttocks. An unusual word heard on U.S. sitcoms but with an obscure derivation. One guess was of a corruption of the German word "Hind" (similarly with the word "hinterland). Use of the word can be controversial. Parents use it, e.g. to tell a child "You'll get a smack on your hiney!! Also used in a friendly way to refer to a man's butt, When it's used to refer to a woman's (especially attractive, etc.) behind, then it has a very definite sexually suggestive connotation to it ("woman-child"), and the word used in that context appears to be fairly unacceptable. (ed: I asked for any counter arguments). Caroline writes: I think it is a shortening of "hind end", but it's used a lot in Southern USA. Here is a schoolyard rhyme: I see your hiney so black and shiny, You better hide it before I bite it!" The following fairly comprehensive description of the word in use was sent in by John Gaither from Athens Georgia US: It is (or was, when I was in the single-digit years, before 1965) common in south Georgia, in the southeastern US. Among me and my friends (European Americans) the rhyme was: "I see your hiney So black and shiny It makes me giggle To see it wiggle." My wife (African American) recalls it thus: "I see your hiney So bright and shiny. . . ." The occasion for its recitation was when someone's "hind" end was partly or fully exposed, either by circumstance or design. It was slightly pejorative, as if the singer was laughing at or mocking the person exposed; using the word "black" fits in with this, as calling someone black was also a derogatory statement (for Americans of either European or African ancestry). I conjecture an African American origin, or association with African Americans, from the word "black." (As you may or may not know, skin pigmentation among African Americans is in fact usually darker on the buttocks and the back of the thighs; cf. "kiss my black ass."). It was always sung to the same tune, which makes me wonder if the rhyme originated in some kind of vaudeville or minstrel show, where American performers of European ancestry sometimes wore blackface and used the exaggerated mannerisms and accents of African Americans to comic effect. The rhythm and tune are as follows, as best as I can render it. three eighth-notes, quarter note, dotted quarter note three eighth-notes, quarter note, dotted quarter note (repeat) C-C-C-C-A C-C-C-C-G C-C-C-C-A C-C-C-C-G

Meaning of scooter

scooter means: Any one who wore glasses and had freckles, based on the character from the muppets!

Meaning of dude

dude means: Form of address to a male. The dudes are in the living room and the gals, in the kitchen.

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