Slang meaning of Sod's Law

Sod's Law means: Nothing

What is the slang meaning/definition of Sod's Law ?

Sod's Law means: Nothing

Slang definition of Sod's Law

Sod's Law means: Nothing

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Meaning of -ee

-ee means: A suffix used, chiefly in law terms, in a passive signification, to indicate the direct or indirect object of an action, or the one to whom an act is done or on whom a right is conferred; as in assignee, donee, alienee, grantee, etc. It is correlative to -or, the agent or doer.

Meaning of Encrinitic

Encrinitic means: Alt. of Encrinitical

Meaning of Glutamic

Glutamic means: Of or pertaining to gluten.

Meaning of Menstrual

Menstrual means: Of or pertaining to a menstruum.

Meaning of Puteal

Puteal means: An inclosure surrounding a well to prevent persons from falling into it; a well curb.

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Meaning of BALLSY

BALLSY means: Ballsy is slang for courageous, spirited, determined.


SOFT IN THE HEAD means: Soft in the head is slang for stupid, dimwitted.

Meaning of Saloon Style Advertising Prints -

Saloon Style Advertising Prints - means: What were on the walls of the saloons in the Old West?  Likely, much of the same as those you find today advertisements for liquor, beer, and tobacco.  Plus the "decadent" women of the time.  In our Photo Print Shop, you'll find dozens of photographs for decorating your "real" saloon or den in a saloon type atmosphere.


SLICK SUPERSPEED means: methcathinone

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