Slang meaning of IDRK

IDRK means: I Don’t Know.

What is the slang meaning/definition of IDRK ?

IDRK means: I Don’t Know.

Slang definition of IDRK

IDRK means: I Don’t Know.

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Meaning of film

film means: n movie. Brits don’t go to the theatre to see movies; they go to the cinema to see films. They do understand the American word, they just don’t use it.

Meaning of No Ma Mes

No Ma Mes means: , (No MAH mace) phrase, interjection., literally, don’t suck on me (as a mother cow might say to her calf), don’t bother me.  “Hey, man, forget about it, no ma mes.”  [Etym., Chicano/Spanish]

Meaning of DONA

DONA means: Dona is slang for a woman or girlfriend.

Meaning of shirt-lifter

shirt-lifter means: n homosexual man. A slightly archaic term. It may come from a time when shirts had longer tails and, well, posterial access required some lifting. Don’t pretend to me you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Meaning of Don’t flip your wig

Don’t flip your wig means: Don’t get so excited

Meaning of bell end

bell end means: n end of one’s nob, which devoid of a foreskin looks not completely unlike a church bell. If you don’t have one to examine, ask a friend or neighbour: I don’t know what happened last night but when I woke up this morning my bell end was covered in spots!

Meaning of Don’t have a cow

Don’t have a cow means: Don’t get so excited

Meaning of juvie

juvie means: n. Juvenile Hall; children’s prison.  "T.J. was caught trying to steel some blunts at the store and got sent to juvie again!"  2. n. A boyfriend or girlfriend who is generally younger than you.  "Y’all ho*’s better not f*^k wit my juvie cause he’s hot and he don’t wanna loose me."  Lyrical reference: MAGNOLIA SHORTY - That's My Juvie  Y’all ho*’s bet not f*^k wit my juvieCause he hot and he and he don’t want to loose me 

Meaning of Durex

Durex means: n condom. In the U.K., Durex is a large (possibly the largest, I’m not sure) manufacturer of condoms, and the brand name once slipped into the language (no pun intended). The term is actually becoming less common these days. A very similar thing happened in the U.S. with “Trojan.” As an aside, Durex, to an Australian, is sticky-tape (a.k.a. Scotch tape). I don’t know if they use it as a contraceptive, and I don’t wish to think about it any further.

Meaning of IG

IG means: I Don’t Really Know.

Meaning of IDK

IDK means: I Don’t F**k With You.

Meaning of IDFWU

IDFWU means: I Don’t Even Know.

Meaning of DDF

DDF means: Don’t Believe Everything You Read.

Meaning of IDRK

IDRK means: I Don’t Know.

Meaning of Irie

Irie means: I Don’t.

Meaning of From nothing

From nothing means: , as in “I know from nothing” I don’t know anything

Meaning of ca m’est égal

ca m’est égal means: I don’t care; it’s all the same to me

Meaning of Ice it

Ice it means: Forget it or don’t do it


DONA JUANITA means: marijuana

Meaning of IDEK

IDEK means: I Don’t Care.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Antimonite

Antimonite means: A compound of antimonious acid and a base or basic radical.

Meaning of Decastyle

Decastyle means: A portico having ten pillars or columns in front.

Meaning of Diversification

Diversification means: State of diversity or variation; variegation; modification; change; alternation.

Meaning of Pleonaste

Pleonaste means: A black variety of spinel.

Meaning of Subworker

Subworker means: A subordinate worker or helper.

Slang words and meanings


ANGLE OF DANGLE means: Angle of dangle is British slang for the degree of erection depending upon how sexually stimulated a man is by a woman.

Meaning of Zonked

Zonked means: A spot, pimple or boil on the skin

Meaning of Bang

Bang means: Nothing to do with your hair - this is a rather unattractive way of describing having sex. Always gets a smile from Brits in American hair dressers when they are asked about their bangs.

Meaning of spotted dick

spotted dick means: n a suet pudding with raisins in it, often served on festive occasions and with custard. And yes, the Brits do use “dick” to mean the same thing Americans do.

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