Slang meaning of TMI

TMI means: Trademark.

What is the slang meaning/definition of TMI ?

TMI means: Trademark.

Slang definition of TMI

TMI means: Trademark.

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Meaning of TMI

TMI means: Trademark.

Meaning of XXXX

XXXX means: The trademark of a popular QLD beer. See Four-x

Meaning of Please explain…

Please explain… means: Pauline Hanson’s trademark expression.

Meaning of Camp Granola

Camp Granola means: Campagnolo, frequent incorrect first reading of the trademark.

Meaning of Kevlar

Kevlar means: The registered trademark for a synthetic aramid fiber material used in body and splinter armor.

Meaning of hasta la vista baby

hasta la vista baby means: Arnies trademark phrase has been used to death in all sorts of bizare places from the pulpit to the court. But why?

Meaning of Portakabin

Portakabin means: n a sort of prefabricated hut, most often used as temporary offices on a building-site. A portable cabin, if you will. Portakabin is a U.K. trademark.

Meaning of Aunt Jemima

Aunt Jemima means: After the stereotypically Black trademark picture on "Aunt Jemima" brand breakfast foods.

Meaning of bogart

bogart means: v. to hog or refuse to share a joint, but keep it in your hand or hang from your mouth. From actor Humphrey Bogart's trademark cigarettes, held in lips or hand, but rarely actually smoked. Usually associated with anything that someone hogs that is supposed to be shared.  "Don't bogart that joint dog, puff puff pass!" 

Meaning of hopoate spike (the ...), hopoate (doing a ...)

hopoate spike (the ...), hopoate (doing a ...) means: Sliding a digit into someones anus. Derived from John Hopoate who was an Australian rugby League player until March 2001 when he was caught onfield on camera ramming his thumb up an opponents back passage. His defence for this was that it was a legitimate means of distracting the opponent, but after being roundly criticised on and off the field, and having become a total laughing stock, he decided to 'retire' from the game. There are now rumours that he will join up with "International Wrestling Australia", using the 'Hopoate Spike" as his trademark attack... As you'll imagine, this episode gave rise to many 'jokes' and a small selection are printed below: His old team are really pleased he was sacked, Hopoate could have rectum. As much as things change they stay the same: Hopoate was in the shit then he was caught, and now he's still in the shit. If the police get involved, Hopoate could end up in the pokey. John Hopoate has been nominated for an Oscar for his lead role in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Finger". Anagram of Hopoate: Poo Hate! Rugby league may be a Stone Age game, but it was first to enter the digital age. Hopoate has changed his name to Stop-a-farte. Which finger did he use? His ring finger. How do the judiciary decide on this punishment? Is there a 'rule of thumb'? The coach claimed the charge was a bum rap! A view from a fan: "This leaves a foul taste in my mouth!". Hopoate's defence lines: ..... they were giving me cheek. ..... honest, he was just lying prostate on the ground. ..... I saw an opening and went for it. ..... the coach told me to penetrate their defences. He must be getting married. I heard Hopoate was checking out some rings on Saturday night. What's the difference between a bowling ball and a north Queensland cowboy? You can stick 3 fingers in a bowling ball. Coach Terry Lamb's comment: "I think the criticism levelled at Hoppa is totally unfounded, he is being fingered for a crime he did not commit" What's the bet Terry Lamb will tell him to pull his finger out! John Hopoate: Public Enema Number 1 News Extra: Hopoate to star in Lord of the Rings!! "Players don't report cases like Hopoate's because they'd be the butt of all jokes" - Roy Masters (former West's Coach) Is the whole thing a three-ring circus? How come Field and McGuinness got six months for cocaine but Hopoate only got 12 weeks for crack? Do The Hopoate ============== You put your left thumb in You pull your left thumb out You put your left thumb in And you shake it all about You do the Hopoate and you turn the game around And that's what it's all about. The John Hopoate Virus: your computer will insert random digits - often where they are quite unwanted.

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Meaning of Collectorship

Collectorship means: The office of a collector of customs or of taxes.

Meaning of Ecstasy

Ecstasy means: Violent distraction of mind; violent emotion; excessive grief of anxiety; insanity; madness.

Meaning of Glum

Glum means: Sullenness.

Meaning of Livery

Livery means: The writ by which possession is obtained.

Meaning of Write

Write means: To set down, as legible characters; to form the conveyance of meaning; to inscribe on any material by a suitable instrument; as, to write the characters called letters; to write figures.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of Dough well done with cow to cover

Dough well done with cow to cover means: Buttered toast

Meaning of Scuttlebutt

Scuttlebutt means: Talk or stories about someone that may not be true; gossip.

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