Slang meaning of new Ecstasy

new Ecstasy means: ketamine. See K

What is the slang meaning/definition of new Ecstasy ?

new Ecstasy means: ketamine. See K

Slang definition of new Ecstasy

new Ecstasy means: ketamine. See K

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Meaning of k-hole

k-hole means: Periods of ketamine-induced confusion; the depressant high associated with ketamine

Meaning of K, super K, special K, Vitamin K

K, super K, special K, Vitamin K means: ketamine, an anesthetic similar in structure to PCP . First synthesized by a pharmaceutical company in the early 1960s, powdered ketamine emerged as a recreational drug in the 1970s. It became Vitamin K in the underground club scene in the 1980s and Special K in the 1990s rave scene.

Meaning of KET

KET means: ketamine

Meaning of KIT KAT

KIT KAT means: ketamine

Meaning of jet

jet means: Ketamine

Meaning of ket

ket means: Ketamine

Meaning of kit kat

kit kat means: Ketamine

Meaning of K

K means: ketamine

Meaning of JET

JET means: ketamine

Meaning of SUPER C

SUPER C means: ketamine

Meaning of HONEY OIL

HONEY OIL means: ketamine

Meaning of PURPLE

PURPLE means: ketamine

Meaning of SPECIAL K

SPECIAL K means: ketamine

Meaning of SUPER K

SUPER K means: ketamine

Meaning of VITAMIN K

VITAMIN K means: ketamine

Meaning of special k

special k means: ketamine

Meaning of special "k"

special "k" means: Ketamine

Meaning of kitkat

kitkat means: ketamine

Meaning of vitamin k

vitamin k means: Ketamine

Meaning of donkey

donkey means: ketamine

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Meaning of Apoda

Apoda means: A group of worms without appendages, as the leech.

Meaning of Corymbose

Corymbose means: Consisting of corymbs, or resembling them in form.

Meaning of Coverture

Coverture means: The condition of a woman during marriage, because she is considered under the cover, influence, power, and protection of her husband, and therefore called a feme covert, or femme couverte.

Meaning of Insurance

Insurance means: The premium paid for insuring property or life.

Meaning of Kittle

Kittle means: To tickle.

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SCOFFING FISHHEADS AND SCRAMBLING FOR THE GILLS means: Scoffing fishheads and scrambling for the gills is Black−American slang for having a very difficult time

Meaning of Got No Coin

Got No Coin means: Having no money, broke

Meaning of custard pie

custard pie means: Clitoris. Used as "I would sure like a piece of her custard pie, I would like to chew on a piece of her custard pie. So named because of the way the lips come together, not to mention the creamy filling that is issued therfore, you probably want to clean this one up. (ed: no I don't)

Meaning of jimmy hill

jimmy hill means: Expression indicating disbelief. The associated 'action' was stroking the chin in reference to the somewhat abnormally sized chin possesed by said 'Jimmy'. The term derives from Jimmy Hill sports commentater, ex-footballer well known in the UK. This guy, whilst people were being crushed to death at Hillsborough spent his extended live on-air time informing all and sundry that corporal punishment in the form of 'the birch' ought to be meted out to those responsilbe. He seemed to drop this point of view when it was determined that much of the 'blame' lay with inadequacies in policing strategies rather than the 'hooligans' he was so quick to condemn originally.

Meaning of Gerontophile

Gerontophile means: Technical term for a sexual preference for older people, a person prefers a love partner much older than himself. Synonyms: antique dealer; intergenerational relationships.

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