Slang meaning of plumbing-fixture

plumbing-fixture means: Condom

What is the slang meaning/definition of plumbing-fixture ?

plumbing-fixture means: Condom

Slang definition of plumbing-fixture

plumbing-fixture means: Condom

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Meaning of condom

condom means: Condom, a sheath for the penis made of rubber, rolled onto the penis before sexual intercourse.

Meaning of johnny-popper

johnny-popper means: A sort of slingshot made by using an elastic band, the top of a plastic bottle (the neck) and a condom. You put the condom through the neck of the bottle, wrap the elastic band round the top, and you can now fire small objects. (ed: I'll have to try that!)

Meaning of pozcum

pozcum means: Engaging in anal intercourse without using a condom, and while the one doing the fucking is HIV positive. A website is devoted to barebacking (fucking without using a condom) at: An essay on the dangers and morality of knowingly having sex while carrying the HIV virus is located at:

Meaning of Rug

Rug means: Condom

Meaning of spunk-bag

spunk-bag means: Condom.

Meaning of nodder

nodder means: Condom.

Meaning of comdom

comdom means: big condom

Meaning of joey (2)

joey (2) means: Condom.

Meaning of Jollies

Jollies means: Condom

Meaning of dinger

dinger means: condom

Meaning of johnny

johnny means: A condom.

Meaning of rubber

rubber means: a condom

Meaning of safe

safe means: n A condom.

Meaning of blob

blob means: Condom.

Meaning of raw sex

raw sex means: Fucking without using a condom.

Meaning of rented tux

rented tux means: A condom.

Meaning of rubber

rubber means: n A condom.

Meaning of sour-ass

sour-ass means: a used condom

Meaning of French Letter

French Letter means: A condom.

Meaning of dick balloon

dick balloon means: Condom.

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Meaning of Blindman's holiday

Blindman's holiday means: The time between daylight and candle light.

Meaning of Complicacy

Complicacy means: A state of being complicate or intricate.

Meaning of Counselable

Counselable means: Suitable to be advised; advisable, wise.

Meaning of Festoon

Festoon means: To form in festoons, or to adorn with festoons.

Meaning of Preconcertion

Preconcertion means: The act of preconcerting; preconcert.

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BASH STREET KID means: Bash Street Kid is London Cockney rhyming slang for a Jew (Yid).

Meaning of Bogey

Bogey means: - Booger. Any variety, crusty dragons included!

Meaning of Dude

Dude means: n. A term to informally address an individual.  2. An exclamation used when something is astonishing or amazingly cool. 

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