Slang meaning of Goon

Goon means: a nerd

What is the slang meaning/definition of Goon ?

Goon means: a nerd

Slang definition of Goon

Goon means: a nerd

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Meaning of Hertz Donut

Hertz Donut means: A nightmare for those expecting something sweet. A bully asks the nerd, "Do you want a nice Hertz donut?" When the nerd answered in the positive, the bully twists the nerd's nipple (either one) and exclaims, "Hurts, don-ut?"

Meaning of nerd

nerd means: A studious, unsociable person. See if you can get the nerd to leave his computer long enough to go for coffee.

Meaning of NERD

NERD means: Nerd is slang for an imbecile; a stupid and feeble person.

Meaning of nerd

nerd means: nerd; very serious student. (used in Argentina; from the English)

Meaning of NERD PACK

NERD PACK means: Nerd pack is American slang for a plastic liner for a breast pocket which stops pen ink from staining the material.

Meaning of nerd

nerd means: Computer devotee. Forget the nerd; he's connected to that computer by an umbilical cord.

Meaning of nerd

nerd means: Computer devotee. See if you can get the nerd to leave his computer long enough to go for coffee.

Meaning of Goon

Goon means: a nerd

Meaning of fuckstick

fuckstick means: A nerd.

Meaning of YSAN

YSAN means: You're Such A Nerd

Meaning of YAUN

YAUN means: Yet Another Unix Nerd

Meaning of NWAL

NWAL means: Nerd Without A Life

Meaning of nerdy

nerdy means: Adj. In the manner of a 'nerd', see above.

Meaning of Dag

Dag means: a funny person, nerd, goof.

Meaning of Narbo

Narbo means: dork, nerd, etc. used when someone does something stupid.

Meaning of Smack

Smack means: Nerd, Sissy, Momma's boy, etc.

Meaning of Nerd

Nerd means: Same as now. Bill Gates without the money.

Meaning of nerd

nerd means: An intelligent, often socially inept person.

Meaning of Anorak

Anorak means: Nerd, geek, obsessive about a particular subject

Meaning of Nifty

Nifty means: Neat, interesting, making fun of something involved with a nerd...

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Meaning of Buckle

Buckle means: To enter upon some labor or contest; to join in close fight; to struggle; to contend.

Meaning of Harrying

Harrying means: of Harry

Meaning of Pelican

Pelican means: A retort or still having a curved tube or tubes leading back from the head to the body for continuous condensation and redistillation.

Meaning of Rowlock

Rowlock means: A contrivance or arrangement serving as a fulcrum for an oar in rowing. It consists sometimes of a notch in the gunwale of a boat, sometimes of a pair of pins between which the oar rests on the edge of the gunwale, sometimes of a single pin passing through the oar, or of a metal fork or stirrup pivoted in the gunwale and suporting the oar.

Meaning of Vouchsafement

Vouchsafement means: The act of vouchsafing, or that which is vouchsafed; a gift or grant in condescension.

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Meaning of sneep

sneep means: Verb. To insult, to upset. Also sneap. [Staffordshire use]

Meaning of milkshake

milkshake means: adj. a female's sexual appeal. Derrived from Kelis' song 'My milkshake is better than yours'.  "Janice got that milkshake that make everybody wanna get wit' her."  2. Also as a reference to vaginal discharge. 

Meaning of backroom

backroom means: An orgy room in a bar, bathhouse, or toilet. A dark room designated for sex in clubs or bars.

Meaning of Trippin'

Trippin' means: Verb, Acting in an unbelievable manner. Often, someone who was on acid is described as "trippin" That guy was trippin. "Man that dude was trippin hard"

Meaning of Tall Hog at the Trough

Tall Hog at the Trough means: Superior, outstanding, exudes leadership.

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