Slang meaning of Cream Cookies

Cream Cookies means: Bookies (Bookmakers)

What is the slang meaning/definition of Cream Cookies ?

Cream Cookies means: Bookies (Bookmakers)

Slang definition of Cream Cookies

Cream Cookies means: Bookies (Bookmakers)

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Meaning of Cream Cookies

Cream Cookies means: Bookies (Bookmakers)

Meaning of neves

neves means: Noun. The number seven. Backslang. Mainly heard within the world of betting, and means 7-1 in tic-tac, the sign language used by bookmakers at racecourses. [Mid 1800s]

Meaning of SKINNER

SKINNER means: Skinner is Australian slang for a racing result very profitable to bookmakers.

Meaning of nvq, gnvq

nvq, gnvq means: Refers to "not-so-bright kids" who did not take many (if any) GCSEs. Instead they would do NVQs or GNVQs(which I realise many people now do as part of their professional development). Because the contributor was in the "top set", "very clever" and therefore superior to the thickos they decided that NVQ stood for 'Not Very Qualified', and GNVQ stood for 'Generally Not Very Qualified'. Whats the bet the NVQ people are now earning loads? (That is unless they're looking after their 5 kids to different dads who are all either in prison, selling crack, in the bookies/Black Lion/court) Whoops Sorry to offend!!) (ed: methinks someone hasn't quite got over schooldays!!)

Meaning of carpet

carpet means: three pounds (£3) or three hundred pounds (£300), or sometimes thirty pounds (£30). This has confusing and convoluted origins, from as early as the late 1800s: It seems originally to have been a slang term for a three month prison sentence, based on the following: that 'carpet bag' was cockney rhyming slang for a 'drag', which was generally used to describe a three month sentence; also that in the prison workshops it supposedly took ninety days to produce a certain regulation-size piece of carpet; and there is also a belief that prisoners used to be awarded the luxury of a piece of carpet for their cell after three year's incarceration. The term has since the early 1900s been used by bookmakers and horse-racing, where carpet refers to odds of three-to-one, and in car dealing, where it refers to an amount of £300.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Babble

Babble means: Inarticulate speech; constant or confused murmur.

Meaning of Barb

Barb means: A southern name for the kingfishes of the eastern and southeastern coasts of the United States; -- also improperly called whiting.

Meaning of Jigging

Jigging means: The act or using a jig; the act of separating ore with a jigger, or wire-bottomed sieve, which is moved up and down in water.

Meaning of Snew

Snew means: To snow; to abound.

Meaning of Suturally

Suturally means: In a sutural manner.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of BLOCKHEAD

BLOCKHEAD means: Blockhead is British slang for a stupid person.

Meaning of BLUE RUIN

BLUE RUIN means: Blue ruin is British slang for cheap gin.

Meaning of floozy

floozy means: A woman of loose morals Juan Carlos came to the party with some floozy he picked up at a bar.

Meaning of THO

THO means: N.It means your nipples get hard like when it's cold outside.. You would say "I have MAJOR T-H-O." which stands for Tit Hard On..

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