Slang meaning of In orbit

In orbit means: In the know

What is the slang meaning/definition of In orbit ?

In orbit means: In the know

Slang definition of In orbit

In orbit means: In the know

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Meaning of Borage

Borage means: A mucilaginous plant of the genus Borago (B. officinalis), which is used, esp. in France, as a demulcent and diaphoretic.

Meaning of Mismanage

Mismanage means: To manage ill or improperly; as, to mismanage public affairs.

Meaning of Photics

Photics means: The science of light; -- a general term sometimes employed when optics is restricted to light as a producing vision.

Meaning of Schist

Schist means: Any crystalline rock having a foliated structure (see Foliation) and hence admitting of ready division into slabs or slates. The common kinds are mica schist, and hornblendic schist, consisting chiefly of quartz with mica or hornblende and often feldspar.

Meaning of Sea star

Sea star means: A starfish, or brittle star.

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Meaning of single fish

single fish means: Noun. An act of urination. Rhyming slang on 'pish', meaning 'piss'. See 'pish'. [Scottish use]

Meaning of Spanner

Spanner means: Sorry

Meaning of munted

munted means: (1) Usually used in past tense to indicate that something has been wrecked or damaged beyond repair, as in,"You munted my pen, egg!" (2) I drank so much last night, in fact I was Munted. When the state of being munted is reached, munters become objects of desire. (ed: Rueben thinks the word originated long before 1999, and is probably right, however we can only add words according to the reported usage... so if Reuben had said 1383, the we'd have had to add that date... if he qualified it of course )

Meaning of Pig's Ear

Pig's Ear means: Beer. Can I buy you a pig?

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