Slang meaning of GAGGERS

GAGGERS means: methcathinone

What is the slang meaning/definition of GAGGERS ?

GAGGERS means: methcathinone

Slang definition of GAGGERS

GAGGERS means: methcathinone

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Words, slangs, sentences and phrases similar to methcathinone

Meaning of cat

cat means: Methcathinone

Meaning of THE C

THE C means: methcathinone

Meaning of qat

qat means: Methcathinone

Meaning of QAT

QAT means: methcathinone

Meaning of wonder star

wonder star means: Methcathinone

Meaning of ephedrone

ephedrone means: Methcathinone

Meaning of gagers

gagers means: Methcathinone

Meaning of gaggers

gaggers means: Methcathinone

Meaning of goob

goob means: Methcathinone

Meaning of stat

stat means: Methcathinone

Meaning of the c

the c means: Amphetamine; methcathinone

Meaning of tweeker

tweeker means: Methcathinone

Meaning of EPHEDRONE

EPHEDRONE means: methcathinone

Meaning of GOOB

GOOB means: methcathinone

Meaning of GO-FAST

GO-FAST means: methcathinone

Meaning of GAGGERS

GAGGERS means: methcathinone

Meaning of STAT

STAT means: methcathinone

Meaning of TWEEKER

TWEEKER means: methcathinone

Meaning of WONDER STAR

WONDER STAR means: methcathinone

Meaning of GAGERS

GAGERS means: methcathinone

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Bounding

Bounding means: Moving with a bound or bounds.

Meaning of Mammilliform

Mammilliform means: Having the form of a mammilla.

Meaning of Souke

Souke means: To suck.

Meaning of Sputter

Sputter means: To utter words hastily and indistinctly; to speak so rapidly as to emit saliva.

Meaning of Turnstone

Turnstone means: Any species of limicoline birds of the genera Strepsilas and Arenaria, allied to the plovers, especially the common American and European species (Strepsilas interpres). They are so called from their habit of turning up small stones in search of mollusks and other aquatic animals. Called also brant bird, sand runner, sea quail, sea lark, sparkback, and skirlcrake.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of BAG OF FRUIT

BAG OF FRUIT means: Bag of fruit is London Cockney rhyming slang for suit.


RUBBISHING means: Rubbishing is slang for a through denigration.

Meaning of Tool

Tool means: - Yet another word for your willy or penis. You'd think we were obsessed.

Meaning of culo

culo means: The rectal opening; anus.

Meaning of Lighting up the tilt sign

Lighting up the tilt sign means: Someone gets caught lying (courtesy of Jim Hip)

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