Slang meaning of DIFFS

DIFFS means: Dihydrocodeine

What is the slang meaning/definition of DIFFS ?

DIFFS means: Dihydrocodeine

Slang definition of DIFFS

DIFFS means: Dihydrocodeine

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Meaning of DF’S

DF’S means: dihydrocodeine

Meaning of DIFS

DIFS means: Dihydrocodeine

Meaning of DIFFS

DIFFS means: Dihydrocodeine

Meaning of DINKIES

DINKIES means: dihydrocodeine

Meaning of DYKES

DYKES means: dihydrocodeine

Meaning of DF118

DF118 means: dihydrocodeine or diamorphine hydrochloride

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Blow

Blow means: To breathe hard or quick; to pant; to puff.

Meaning of Crookbill

Crookbill means: A New Zealand plover (Anarhynchus frontalis), remarkable for having the end of the beak abruptly bent to the right.

Meaning of Fers

Fers means: Fierce.

Meaning of Polymorphous

Polymorphous means: Having, or assuming, a variety of forms, characters, or styles; as, a polymorphous author.

Meaning of Prediastolic

Prediastolic means: Preceding the diastole of the heart; as, a prediastolic friction sound.

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Meaning of pointies

pointies means: Noun. A type of shoe with a pointed toe, usually women's.

Meaning of Take a Rain Check

Take a Rain Check means: Used to politely decline an event with someone, but indicates that they will join them another time. Example: "Hey, do you want to go have a beer?" "No, I better take a rain check."

Meaning of jib (2)

jib (2) means: (1) Describe something that someone does not want to say e.g. a coarse word such as sex or fingering someone. (2) As a word to replace any other word really. An example sentence: did you see that man jibbing along., There are many different forms of the word jibs, including, jibbed, jibbing, jib and jibbified and all of these words are in extensive use in many secondary schools in SE England. Jamie and Adam thought of this word and are proud of how it has been used.

Meaning of sausage sandwich

sausage sandwich means: Sex between a woman and two men at the same time.

Meaning of Chill Out

Chill Out means: Calm down, take it easy

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