Slang meaning of NEB

NEB means: barbiturate

What is the slang meaning/definition of NEB ?

NEB means: barbiturate

Slang definition of NEB

NEB means: barbiturate

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Meaning of NEB

NEB means: barbiturate

Meaning of NIMBY

NIMBY means: barbiturate

Meaning of RED DEVIL

RED DEVIL means: barbiturate; PCP

Meaning of ROJO

ROJO means: barbiturate

Meaning of TOOLES

TOOLES means: barbiturate

Meaning of YELLOWS

YELLOWS means: barbiturate

Meaning of SEGGY

SEGGY means: seconal; a barbiturate

Meaning of SECCY

SECCY means: seconal; a barbiturate

Meaning of GERONIMO

GERONIMO means: alcohol and barbiturate mix


CHRISTMAS TREE means: barbiturate

Meaning of RED BIRDS

RED BIRDS means: seconal, a barbiturate


PURPLE HEARTS means: amphetamine, barbiturate tablets and LSD microdots

Meaning of downer

downer means: n 1. A depressant or sedative drug, such as a barbiturate or tranquilizer. 2. One that depresses, such as an experience or person.

Meaning of goofball

goofball means: n 1. A foolish, incompetent, or stupid person. 2. A barbiturate or tranquilizer pill, especially when taken for nonmedical purposes.

Meaning of pill popping

pill popping means: [from popping something into one's mouth] promiscuous use of amphetamine and barbiturate pills or capsules. One who does this is a popper and may be a garbage can

Meaning of BLUE ANGEL

BLUE ANGEL means: Blue angel is American slang for a capsule or pill of the barbiturate Amytal.

Meaning of DOUBLE−BLUE

DOUBLE−BLUE means: Double−blue is former British slang for a specific type of amphetamine sulphate table containing amphetamine and barbiturate.

Meaning of YELLOWS

YELLOWS means: Yellows is slang for valium.Yellows is American slang for Nembutal or other barbiturate pills.

Meaning of DOWNER

DOWNER means: Downer is slang for a barbiturate, tranquillizer, or narcotic (such as valium). Downer is slang for a depressing experience.Downer is slang for a state of depression.

Meaning of BARB

BARB means: Barb is slang for Phenobarbital. Barb is slang for barbiturate.

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Meaning of Blue-eyed grass

Blue-eyed grass means: a grasslike plant (Sisyrinchium anceps), with small flowers of a delicate blue color.

Meaning of Kex

Kex means: A weed; a kecksy.

Meaning of Obvious

Obvious means: Easily discovered, seen, or understood; readily perceived by the eye or the intellect; plain; evident; apparent; as, an obvious meaning; an obvious remark.

Meaning of Suresby

Suresby means: One to be sure of, or to be relied on.

Meaning of Tartar

Tartar means: Of or pertaining to Tartary in Asia, or the Tartars.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of SCANDY

SCANDY means: Scandy is New Zealand slang for a Scandinavian.

Meaning of baws

baws means: Testicles, i.e. 'balls. Used as "Dont talk baws", "Och yer baws", "Your baws are rancid!" or simply as "Baws!".

Meaning of Long green

Long green means: Money

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