Slang meaning of WHITE POWDER


What is the slang meaning/definition of WHITE POWDER ?


Slang definition of WHITE POWDER


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Meaning of Finback

Finback means: Any whale of the genera Sibbaldius, Balaenoptera, and allied genera, of the family Balaenopteridae, characterized by a prominent fin on the back. The common finbacks of the New England coast are Sibbaldius tectirostris and S. tuberosus.

Meaning of Mistressship

Mistressship means: Ladyship, a style of address; -- with the personal pronoun.

Meaning of Nitrobenzene

Nitrobenzene means: A yellow aromatic liquid (C6H5.NO2), produced by the action of nitric acid on benzene, and called from its odor imitation oil of bitter almonds, or essence of mirbane. It is used in perfumery, and is manufactured in large quantities in the preparation of aniline. Fornerly called also nitrobenzol.

Meaning of Proteles

Proteles means: A South Africa genus of Carnivora, allied to the hyenas, but smaller and having weaker jaws and teeth. It includes the aard-wolf.

Meaning of Sororal

Sororal means: Relating to a sister; sisterly.

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Meaning of slash

slash means: Verb. To urinate. Onomatopoeic. Noun. An act of urination.

Meaning of beat one's gums

beat one's gums means: To talk. We were just sitting around, beating our gums about nothing.

Meaning of tooling up

tooling up means: Taking whatever weapons you can before going out looking for a sex partner.

Meaning of sish

sish means: finely pounded ice on the foreshore

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