Slang meaning of W^

W^ means: What's up? (also wuzzup?)

What is the slang meaning/definition of W^ ?

W^ means: What's up? (also wuzzup?)

Slang definition of W^

W^ means: What's up? (also wuzzup?)

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Meaning of Wuzzup

Wuzzup means: What's up? (also W^?)

Meaning of W^

W^ means: What's up? (also wuzzup?)

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Meaning of Bargain

Bargain means: To transfer for a consideration; to barter; to trade; as, to bargain one horse for another.

Meaning of Cheval-de-frise

Cheval-de-frise means: A piece of timber or an iron barrel traversed with iron-pointed spikes or spears, five or six feet long, used to defend a passage, stop a breach, or impede the advance of cavalry, etc.

Meaning of Glycocholate

Glycocholate means: A salt of glycocholic acid; as, sodium glycocholate.

Meaning of Parrel

Parrel means: A chimney-piece.

Meaning of Ptosis

Ptosis means: Drooping of the upper eyelid, produced by paralysis of its levator muscle.

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WALLYBASHER means: Wallybasher is British slang for a person employed by a rock group to protect them from intrusive fans.

Meaning of sureño

sureño means: Chicano and Hispanic gangs usually from the southern part of California, who wear the color blue, symbolizing their gang and hood and the southern California region.  "Those fools up north will kill you if they find out you're a sureño." 

Meaning of Sherbet Dab

Sherbet Dab means: Cab (Taxi)

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