Slang meaning of Mumper

Mumper means:     Begger or scrounger

What is the slang meaning/definition of Mumper ?

Mumper means:     Begger or scrounger

Slang definition of Mumper

Mumper means:     Begger or scrounger

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Meaning of Mumper

Mumper means:     Begger or scrounger

Meaning of Gegor

Gegor means:   Begger

Meaning of Mumper

Mumper means: A begger.

Meaning of Shivering Jemmy

Shivering Jemmy means:     A half naked begger

Meaning of Lurker

Lurker means:     A criminal of all work, esp. a begger, or someone who uses a beggar's disguise.

Meaning of gorrón

gorrón means: scrounger, freeloader. (n.b.: Mexican colloquialism)

Meaning of BITER

BITER means: Biter is British slang for a bloodsucker, a beggar, a scrounger, an extortionist.

Meaning of ECNOP

ECNOP means: Ecnop is British slang for a scrounger (ponce).

Meaning of ponce

ponce means: (1) derogatory word for an effeminate male homosexual (2) male living off earnings of prostitute (3) thief/scrounger (possibly emanating from UK TV programmes such as "The Sweeney")

Meaning of BLUDGER

BLUDGER means: Bludger is Australian slang for a scrounger.

Meaning of SHNORRER

SHNORRER means: Shnorrer is slang for a scrounger.

Meaning of SHLEPPER

SHLEPPER means: Shlepper is slang for a clumsy, inept, irritating person. Shlepper is slang for a sluttish, slovenly, immoral person. Shlepper is American slang for a scrounger.

Meaning of DEADBEAT

DEADBEAT means: Deadbeat is slang for a poor or homeless person. Deadbeat is slang for a poor scrounger.Deadbeat is slang for a worthless or stupid person.

Meaning of ALPHONSE

ALPHONSE means: Alphonse is London cockney rhyming slang for a pimp (ponce). Alphonse is London cockney rhyming slang for a scrounger (ponce).

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Bless

Bless means: To praise, or glorify; to extol for excellences.

Meaning of Chub

Chub means: A species to fresh-water fish of the Cyprinidae or Carp family. The common European species is Leuciscus cephalus; the cheven. In America the name is applied to various fishes of the same family, of the genera Semotilus, Squalius, Ceratichthys, etc., and locally to several very different fishes, as the tautog, black bass, etc.

Meaning of Pretender

Pretender means: One who pretends, simulates, or feigns.

Meaning of Sawmill

Sawmill means: A mill for sawing, especially one for sawing timber or lumber.

Meaning of Umpire

Umpire means: A third person, who is to decide a controversy or question submitted to arbitrators in case of their disagreement.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of STICK OF ROCK

STICK OF ROCK means: Stick of rock is London Cockney rhyming slang for the penis (cock).

Meaning of nope

nope means: No, a negative answer. Nope, I don't use dope.

Meaning of Wilkie Bard

Wilkie Bard means: Warrant Card

Meaning of Bomb

Bomb means: (bahm) n., Marijuana, bot. cannabis sativa.  “Hey, man, let’s smoke some bomb.” [Etym., drug sub-culture] Also: something good, excellent, superlative.  “That’s the bomb.”  Also:  v., To erect a graffiti display, to paint a wall.  “We bombed that train station!”  See:  Bomb the Suburbs. 

Meaning of Shisty

Shisty means: (SHY-stee) adj.,  mean, dishonest, scandalous.  “That guy is acting hella shisty.”  [Etym., African American]  See:  shady.

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