Slang meaning of avoir les pétoches

avoir les pétoches means: be scared

What is the slang meaning/definition of avoir les pétoches ?

avoir les pétoches (French idiom.) means: be scared

Slang definition of avoir les pétoches

avoir les pétoches (French idiom.) means: be scared

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Scared (imp. & p. p.): of Scare

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Meaning of avoir la frousse

avoir la frousse means: be scared stiff; be scared to death


SCARED FARTLESS means: Scared fartless is Canadian slang for extremely frightened. Terrified.

Meaning of Scared the living Ricky's out of me

Scared the living Ricky's out of me means: A peculiar localism for scared the living daylights out of me

Meaning of shitless

shitless means: Adj. Very frightened. Usually preceded by the word bored or scared. See 'scared shitless' and 'bore shitless'.

Meaning of SHIT SCARED

SHIT SCARED means: Shit scared is slang for terrified.

Meaning of SHIT−SCARED

SHIT−SCARED means: Shit−scared is slang for very frightened.

Meaning of Afeared

Afeared means: Scared, frightened.

Meaning of avoir les boules

avoir les boules means: be scared

Meaning of Packing it

Packing it means: Scared or frightened

Meaning of avoir les pétoches

avoir les pétoches means: be scared

Meaning of Zoinks!

Zoinks! means: scared, horrified;shocked

Meaning of shit bricks

shit bricks means: To be extremely scared.

Meaning of Candy ass

Candy ass means: Wimp or easily scared

Meaning of avoir une peur bleue de qch

avoir une peur bleue de qch means: be scared stiff of something

Meaning of avoir les jetons

avoir les jetons means: be scared; have the jitters; have the willies

Meaning of packing (death, darkies, shit)

packing (death, darkies, shit) means: to be very scared

Meaning of tener miedo (de)

tener miedo (de) means: be afraid; be fearful; be scared. (lit.: to have fear)

Meaning of fill your boots (!)

fill your boots (!) means: Exclam. Help yourself! Enjoy yourself! Vrb phrs. Be very scared.

Meaning of brick-it

brick-it means: Verb. To be very scared, terrified. Cf. 'shit bricks'.

Meaning of tough guy

tough guy means: Noun. A particularly hard and unyielding male, scared of little and acting so.

Meaning of Scared

Scared means: of Scare

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Meaning of Brickmaker

Brickmaker means: One whose occupation is to make bricks.

Meaning of Composition

Composition means: Synthesis as opposed to analysis.

Meaning of Cora

Cora means: The Arabian gazelle (Gazella Arabica), found from persia to North Africa.

Meaning of General

General means: The whole; the total; that which comprehends or relates to all, or the chief part; -- opposed to particular.

Meaning of Holystone

Holystone means: A stone used by seamen for scrubbing the decks of ships.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of sticking it

sticking it means: v. sexual intercourse.  2. v. Pulling off a feat or trick. Landing a trick on a board, motocross bike, etc.  "Did you see Nathan sticking it out there on the wake board?" 

Meaning of IYD

IYD means: In your Dreams

Meaning of Salmon Trout

Salmon Trout means: Gout

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