Slang meaning of dog and bone

dog and bone means:

What is the slang meaning/definition of dog and bone ?

dog and bone (2) means:

Slang definition of dog and bone

dog and bone (2) means:

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Meaning of Apomecometry

Apomecometry means: The art of measuring the distance of objects afar off.

Meaning of Beggarly

Beggarly means: In the condition of, or like, a beggar; suitable for a beggar; extremely indigent; poverty-stricken; mean; poor; contemptible.

Meaning of Nourishing

Nourishing means: of Nourish

Meaning of Plastic

Plastic means: Having the power to give form or fashion to a mass of matter; as, the plastic hand of the Creator.

Meaning of Trapball

Trapball means: An old game of ball played with a trap. See 4th Trap, 4.

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Meaning of dark as three feet up a cow’s arsehole

dark as three feet up a cow’s arsehole means: very dark¬

Meaning of HMU

HMU means: Hit Me Up

Meaning of SITCOM

SITCOM means: Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage

Meaning of fuck, fucking

fuck, fucking means: Originally denoted the act of sexual intercourse but over the years has become associated with vulgarity. Note: We had a query asking if "fuck" was an acronym for "Fornication under Consent of the King" on the basis of the old "first fruits" stories (ed: anyone remember the real term for that??). The idea being this ancient anglo-saxon word originated in 'ancient England' when permission had to be granted for couples to conceive a child? The questioner read that a placard had to be hung on the door of the wedded pair formally acknowledging that permission had been sought and granted from the reigning monarch....! Another suggestion has been that this word came from the term "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge". People who practised carnal knowledge were caught out on convict ships where the practise was illegal. Both sound plausible - but unfortunately incorrect. According to Partridge (always the author of choice) the word actually has traceable roots in ancient Egyptian, with borrowings from a pre Anglo-Saxon, and possible pre Celtic language. But in any case, the word has been in general use for such a long time, it's true origins are now well shielded by the mists of time.

Meaning of bearcat

bearcat means: A sexy or seductive woman. Something is going on in Ferket Hall; I just saw two bears go in.

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