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Meaning of Astringent

Astringent means: Drawing together the tissues; binding; contracting; -- opposed to laxative; as, astringent medicines; a butter and astringent taste; astringent fruit.

Meaning of Hobble

Hobble means: To move roughly or irregularly; -- said of style in writing.

Meaning of Mosaic

Mosaic means: A picture or design made in mosaic; an article decorated in mosaic.

Meaning of Pluralist

Pluralist means: A clerk or clergyman who holds more than one ecclesiastical benefice.

Meaning of Tilt

Tilt means: To point or thrust, as a lance.

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ELEVATOR MUSIC means: Elevator music is American slang for background music.

Meaning of STONKER

STONKER means: Stonker is slang for an erect penis, usually implying sizeable.Stonker is British slang for something big, stunning, devastating, powerful.

Meaning of man-fat

man-fat means: Noun. Semen. Cf. 'man gravy'.

Meaning of bounce

bounce means: To leave, depart, e.g. "I'm bored - I'm going to bounce to L.A..".

Meaning of edge-of-the-bed-virgin

edge-of-the-bed-virgin means: Teenage girls who regularly entice boys into sexual situations then back out at the last possible moment. Similar to prick tease, but used specifically for this sort of girl. (ed: in Wales a virgin is a girl who had it once and didn't like it!)

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