Slang meaning of Cleo68014

Cleo68014 means: A fuckin' pedo

What is the slang meaning/definition of Cleo68014 ?

Cleo68014 (2) means: A fuckin' pedo

Slang definition of Cleo68014

Cleo68014 (2) means: A fuckin' pedo

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Pedi- (): Alt. of Pedo-

Pedo- (): Combining forms from L. pes, pedis, foot, as pedipalp, pedireme, pedometer.

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Meaning of Cleo68014

Cleo68014 means: A fuckin' pedo

Meaning of PEDO

PEDO means: Pedo is American slang for a waste of time.

Meaning of fuckin' A right, fuckin'A

fuckin' A right, fuckin'A means: Means to agree with vigorously. Used in "The Deer Hunter" by Robert Di Niro, steel workers (Pennsylvania) use it this way.

Meaning of pedo

pedo means: fart

Meaning of tirarse un pedo

tirarse un pedo means: fart

Meaning of pedo/-a

pedo/-a means: smashed; wasted. (used in Spain)

Meaning of al pedo

al pedo means: . useless; a waste of time. (used mostly in the Cono del Sur)

Meaning of dullion, dul-yon

dullion, dul-yon means: Used as an exclamation upon executing a particularly violent and/or effective and/or demonstrative act on another,mostly unsuspecting person or upon seeing such an act perpetrated on a third party. For example; third year,dinner hall, St.Ninians' High School Giffnock. Stephen Brown (or 'Broono') scones Kenneth Baird (or 'Buffer') with a lunch tray full square on the back producing a dull sound usually associated with slapping the side of an empty oil drum. As Buffer collapsed into a heap amongst the slops Broono roared, "That was a fuckin' dullion!" and was answered with cries from the attendant muckers of "Fuckin' dullion man!" (ed: many thanks to Chris Diamond for this and other contributions.)

Meaning of estar pedo

estar pedo means: be sloshed; be drunk; be pissed; be high

Meaning of ponerse pedo

ponerse pedo means: get drunk; get sloshed; get pissed; get high

Meaning of al dope

al dope means: useless; a waste of time. (reversed form of "al pedo"; used mostly in the Cono del Sur)

Meaning of DFL

DFL means: Dead fuckin' last.

Meaning of BFW, big fuckin whoopee

BFW, big fuckin whoopee means: Unimpressed. Boy 1 "My dad's got a new car". Boy 2 "BFW"

Meaning of ba'bag

ba'bag means: Scrotum, (pronounced, baw -[as in thaw]- bag) used as "Ya fuckin' ba' bag!" Abbreviation of 'ball bag'.

Meaning of kinnel

kinnel means: Exclamation of amazement. Mutated contraction of 'fuckin 'ell".

Meaning of chuffin 'ell!

chuffin 'ell! means: Exclam. Expressing anger, surprise etc. A euphemism for 'fuckin hell'.

Meaning of FNG

FNG means: most common name for newly arrived person in Vietnam. It was literally translated as a "Fuckin' new guy." Pg. 510

Meaning of pedo-pete

pedo-pete means: Refers to someone with a crush on a much younger kid (about 4 or 5 years younger).

Meaning of vaj

vaj means: vagina. Insult in the vein of "You're a fanny" e.g. "Ya fuckin' vaj!" Sometimes elaborated upon to produce the eclectic 'vaj-badge' for purely poetic reasons only.

Meaning of fucking hell!

fucking hell! means: Exclam. An exclamation similar to 'fuck!' (exclam). Most likely to be heard as fuckin'ell.

Meaning of Pedi-

Pedi- means: Alt. of Pedo-

Meaning of Pedo-

Pedo- means: Combining forms from L. pes, pedis, foot, as pedipalp, pedireme, pedometer.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Displeased

Displeased means: of Displease

Meaning of Federation

Federation means: A league; a confederacy; a federal or confederated government.

Meaning of Howsoever

Howsoever means: Although; though; however.

Meaning of Indiligence

Indiligence means: Want of diligence.

Meaning of Invoice

Invoice means: To make a written list or account of, as goods to be sent to a consignee; to insert in a priced list; to write or enter in an invoice.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of FRONT OUT

FRONT OUT means: Front out is British slang for to face up to someone or something.

Meaning of HAUL OFF

HAUL OFF means: Haul off is American slang for launch an attack.

Meaning of five finger discount

five finger discount means: Noun. The act of shoplifting, or occasionally stealing, and the proceeds. Also five fingered discount. [Orig. U.S./1960s]

Meaning of lay

lay means: Verb. To have sexual intercourse. E.g."I got a little drunk last night and got laid."

Meaning of sappy

sappy means: Overly sentimental. I hate those sappy movies where everyone gets married and lives happily ever after.

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