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Meaning of Double-milled

Double-milled means: Twice milled or fulled, to render more compact or fine; -- said of cloth; as, double-milled kerseymere.

Meaning of Judgment

Judgment means: The act of judging; the operation of the mind, involving comparison and discrimination, by which a knowledge of the values and relations of thins, whether of moral qualities, intellectual concepts, logical propositions, or material facts, is obtained; as, by careful judgment he avoided the peril; by a series of wrong judgments he forfeited confidence.

Meaning of Phlebotomized

Phlebotomized means: of Phlebotomize

Meaning of Ripe

Ripe means: Advanced to the state of fitness for use; mellow; as, ripe cheese; ripe wine.

Meaning of Trace

Trace means: A very small quantity of an element or compound in a given substance, especially when so small that the amount is not quantitatively determined in an analysis; -- hence, in stating an analysis, often contracted to tr.

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Meaning of Trouser

Trouser means: To eat, especially very quickly and greedily

Meaning of hooyah

hooyah means: An interjection of confidence in oneself. Hooyah! I'm invincible!

Meaning of tough

tough means: Excellent, outstanding. That's a real tough house; I'd like to live there.

Meaning of XEROX

XEROX means: original term for a Hip Hop graffiti artist.

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