Slang meaning of cookies

cookies means:

What is the slang meaning/definition of cookies ?

cookies (2) means:

Slang definition of cookies

cookies (2) means:

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Meaning of Junket

Junket means: A feast; an entertainment.

Meaning of Living

Living means: The state of one who, or that which, lives; lives; life; existence.

Meaning of Plastide

Plastide means: A formative particle of albuminous matter; a monad; a cytode. See the Note under Morphon.

Meaning of Untwine

Untwine means: To untwist; to separate, as that which is twined or twisted; to disentangle; to untie.

Meaning of Water mite

Water mite means: Any of numerous species of aquatic mites belonging to Hydrachna and allied genera of the family Hydrachnidae, usually having the legs fringed and adapted for swimming. They are often red or red and black in color, and while young are parasites of fresh-water insects and mussels. Called also water tick, and water spider.

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PARTY FAVOURS means: Party favours is American slang for drugs that turn up at social events.

Meaning of mugs away!

mugs away! means: Exclam. Losers to start! An announcement to prompt the beginning of a new game in which the losers of the last are given the chance to start. Originally a phrase from the game of darts.

Meaning of Fool

Fool means: Sounds like foo'. A dummy. ex: "Let's go fool."


NORTHERN LIGHTS means: cannabis

Meaning of bounce

bounce means: To fire. Oh, man, he drives a real boss set of wheels.

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