Slang meaning of

means: Vicky verky

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(2) means: Vicky verky

Slang definition of

(2) means: Vicky verky

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Meaning of

means: Vicky verky

Meaning of vicky-verky

vicky-verky means: Adv. Vice versa. A humourous and deliberate mispronunciation.

Meaning of evils

evils means: Noun. A hateful look. Popularized by the character named Vicky Pollard in the British comedy TV series Little Britain. E.g."Stop givin' me the evils." [2003]

Meaning of rocker

rocker means: A person who preferred to listen and dance to rock 'n roll music than that favoured by their avowed enemies the 'mods'. Rockers generally wore tight trousers or jeans, with thick soled shoes and had longish hair often greased back into D.A. hairstyles. The rocker was actually the 1960's successor of the 'Teddy Boy' of the 1950's, who in turn had been the inheritors of the style from the pre-WW2 'Vicky Boys'. Rockers also preferred the less than subtle charms of the motorbike which helped earn them the additional derogatory nickname of Greasers.

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Meaning of Air-tight

Air-tight means: So tight as to be impermeable to air; as, an air-tight cylinder.

Meaning of Conus

Conus means: A cone.

Meaning of Frush

Frush means: Noise; clatter; crash.

Meaning of Inadvisable

Inadvisable means: Not advisable.

Meaning of Minable

Minable means: Such as can be mined; as, minable earth.

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JOE STRUMMER means: Joe Strummer is London Cockney rhyming slang for an unlucky or unpleasant experience (bummer).

Meaning of OOH LA LA

OOH LA LA means: Ooh la la was British rhyming slang for a bra.

Meaning of wussy

wussy means: A weak, indecisive person. Don't be such a wussy all the time. Say what you are thinking.

Meaning of asexual

asexual means: Absence of sexual feeling, without sexual desire or preference.

Meaning of Baby

Baby means: Glass of milk

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