Slang meaning of Talking shit

Talking shit means:

What is the slang meaning/definition of Talking shit ?

Talking shit (2) means:

Slang definition of Talking shit

Talking shit (2) means:

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Meaning of Accrete

Accrete means: Characterized by accretion; made up; as, accrete matter.

Meaning of Dextrose

Dextrose means: A sirupy, or white crystalline, variety of sugar, C6H12O6 (so called from turning the plane of polarization to the right), occurring in many ripe fruits. Dextrose and levulose are obtained by the inversion of cane sugar or sucrose, and hence called invert sugar. Dextrose is chiefly obtained by the action of heat and acids on starch, and hence called also starch sugar. It is also formed from starchy food by the action of the amylolytic ferments of saliva and pancreatic juice.

Meaning of Nihilism

Nihilism means: The doctrine that nothing can be known; scepticism as to all knowledge and all reality.

Meaning of Projection

Projection means: The representation of something; delineation; plan; especially, the representation of any object on a perspective plane, or such a delineation as would result were the chief points of the object thrown forward upon the plane, each in the direction of a line drawn through it from a given point of sight, or central point; as, the projection of a sphere. The several kinds of projection differ according to the assumed point of sight and plane of projection in each.

Meaning of Ticketed

Ticketed means: of Ticket

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Meaning of BLOW A GUT

BLOW A GUT means: Blow a gut is Black−American slang for explode with laughter

Meaning of OML

OML means: Oh My Lord

Meaning of azz

azz means: Ass.

Meaning of Adam And Eve

Adam And Eve means: Believe

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