Slang meaning of SEC/Cayman Liquidation Resolution to be analyzed at OffshoreAlert Miami 2022

SEC/Cayman Liquidation Resolution to be analyzed at OffshoreAlert Miami 2022 means: The recent "compromise" agreement between the USA's SEC and the liquidators of a Cayman Islands fraudulent mutual fund will be analyzed at this year's OffshoreAlert Miami conference.

In approving the settlement, Cayman Judge David Doyle noted: "I congratulate the SEC for ... seeing the good sense of such compromise. Such a refreshing and pragmatic attitude on their behalf will greatly assist in creditors being properly protected. I would wish to encourage more cooperation between the SEC and Cayman office holders in the future but for present purposes simply wish to thank the SEC for their assistance in this case. Such assistance reflects well upon the international reputation of the SEC and the Cayman Islands. This case marks a significant and progressive step in the constructive cooperation and dealings of both jurisdictions with each other in the best interests of international creditor investor protection. Hopefully this case will enable further cooperation and compromise to take place in the future."

The resolution involving the Income Collecting 1-3 Months Mutual Fund will form the basis of a conference session whose presenters include its principal architect, New York-based lawyer Warren Gluck, of Holland & Knight, and one of the Fund's liquidators, Bahamas-based Igal Wizman, of EY Bahamas.

The 18th Annual OffshoreAlert North America Conference on intelligence, investigations, and recovery in high-value international finance will take place at the luxury, oceanside Ritz-Carlton, South Beach hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on April 24-26, 2022.

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