Slang meaning of Offshore Day’ kicks off next week’s vGlobal conference

Offshore Day’ kicks off next week’s vGlobal conference means: Next week’s FREE OffshoreAlert vGlobal virtual conference on intelligence, investigations, and recovery will kick-off with our ‘Offshore Day’ on Monday, December 6th.
Leading experts in offshore finance will present four sessions followed by a speed networking session when attendees all over the world can meet by mic and webcam. Offshore Day’ kicks off next week’s vGlobal conference
A session called ‘The ICIJ v. Offshore Finance’ will pair two representatives of the ICIJ, including its director, Gerard Ryle, with two residents in offshore finance centers, one in the Cayman Islands and one in South Dakota, for a conversation about the ICIJ’s investigation into OFCs and how it is perceived by offshore practitioners.
That will be followed by ‘Tax Enforcement Update: The IRS v. Offshore’ in which three senior IRS representatives and one from the Department of Justice will discuss US tax enforcement initiatives involving OFCs.
Next up will be ‘Fact vs. Fiction: Q&A With Offshore Experts’ in which specialists will go beyond the stereotypes and clichés and discuss what actually takes place in OFCs, dispelling myths about the industry and highlighting legal uses of financial products and services, transparency initiatives, and cooperation with international investigators.
In the final session on ‘How to Avoid Becoming the Next ‘Pandora Papers’, former UK Government agency intelligence and security operative Kevin Weekes will show attendees how to reduce the risk of their workforce being turned into human intelligence sources.
That will be immediately followed by a 30-minute offshore-themed speed networking session in which all attendees who want to can go into a virtual room and be automatically and randomly paired with others in the room for one-on-one video meetings of up to three minutes each, with a maximum of ten meetings.
You can register for OffshoreAlert’s vGlobal virtual conference at, where you can also view full details of the event. There is no charge to watch live sessions and participate in speed networking and a nominal charge if you also want access to recordings. Visit :