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Meaning of Ascidium

Ascidium means: A pitcher-shaped, or flask-shaped, organ or appendage of a plant, as the leaves of the pitcher plant, or the little bladderlike traps of the bladderwort (Utricularia).

Meaning of Ascidium

Ascidium means: A genus of simple ascidians, which formerly included most of the known species. It is sometimes used as a name for the Ascidioidea, or for all the Tunicata.

Meaning of Ascigerous

Ascigerous means: Having asci.

Meaning of Ascii

Ascii means: Alt. of Ascians

Meaning of Ascians

Ascians means: Persons who, at certain times of the year, have no shadow at noon; -- applied to the inhabitants of the torrid zone, who have, twice a year, a vertical sun.

Meaning of Ascites

Ascites means: A collection of serous fluid in the cavity of the abdomen; dropsy of the peritoneum.

Meaning of Ascitic

Ascitic means: Alt. of Ascitical

Meaning of Ascitical

Ascitical means: Of, pertaining to, or affected by, ascites; dropsical.

Meaning of Ascititious

Ascititious means: Supplemental; not inherent or original; adscititious; additional; assumed.

Meaning of Asclepiad

Asclepiad means: A choriambic verse, first used by the Greek poet Asclepias, consisting of four feet, viz., a spondee, two choriambi, and an iambus.

Meaning of Zillah

Zillah means: A district or local division, as of a province.

Meaning of Zilla

Zilla means: A low, thorny, suffrutescent, crucifeous plant (Zilla myagroides) found in the deserts of Egypt. Its leaves are boiled in water, and eaten, by the Arabs.

Meaning of Zigzaggy

Zigzaggy means: Having sharp turns.

Meaning of Zigzaggery

Zigzaggery means: The quality or state of being zigzag; crookedness.

Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: To move in a zigzag manner; also, to have a zigzag shape.

Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: To form with short turns.

Meaning of Zigzagging

Zigzagging means: of Zigzag

Meaning of Zigzagged

Zigzagged means: of Zigzag

Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: Having short, sharp turns; running this way and that in an onward course.

Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: See Boyau.

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