Words containing consum

Meaning of Consumable

Consumable means: Capable of being consumed; that may be destroyed, dissipated, wasted, or spent.

Meaning of Consumed

Consumed means: of Consume

Meaning of Consuming

Consuming means: of Consume

Meaning of Consume

Consume means: To destroy, as by decomposition, dissipation, waste, or fire; to use up; to expend; to waste; to burn up; to eat up; to devour.

Meaning of Consume

Consume means: To waste away slowly.

Meaning of Consumedly

Consumedly means: Excessively.

Meaning of Consumer

Consumer means: One who, or that which, consumes; as, the consumer of food.

Meaning of Consumingly

Consumingly means: In a consuming manner.

Meaning of Consummate

Consummate means: Carried to the utmost extent or degree; of the highest quality; complete; perfect.

Meaning of Consummated

Consummated means: of Consummate

Meaning of Zythum

Zythum means: A kind of ancient malt beverage; a liquor made from malt and wheat.

Meaning of Zythepsary

Zythepsary means: A brewery.

Meaning of Zythem

Zythem means: See Zythum.

Meaning of Zymotic

Zymotic means: Designating, or pertaining to, a certain class of diseases. See Zymotic disease, below.

Meaning of Zymotic

Zymotic means: Of, pertaining to, or caused by, fermentation.

Meaning of Zymosis

Zymosis means: A zymotic disease.

Meaning of Zymosis

Zymosis means: A fermentation; hence, an analogous process by which an infectious disease is believed to be developed.

Meaning of Zymose

Zymose means: Invertin.

Meaning of Zymophyte

Zymophyte means: A bacteroid ferment.

Meaning of Zymosimeter

Zymosimeter means: An instrument for ascertaining the degree of fermentation occasioned by the mixture of different liquids, and the degree of heat which they acquire in fermentation.

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