Words containing cy

Meaning of Ascendancy

Ascendancy means: Alt. of Ascendance

Meaning of Ascendency

Ascendency means: Governing or controlling influence; domination; power.

Meaning of Ascessancy

Ascessancy means: Alt. of Ascessant

Meaning of Assurgency

Assurgency means: Act of rising.

Meaning of Astragalomancy

Astragalomancy means: Divination by means of small bones or dice.

Meaning of Astringency

Astringency means: The quality of being astringent; the power of contracting the parts of the body; that quality in medicines or other substances which causes contraction of the organic textures; as, the astringency of tannin.

Meaning of Athermancy

Athermancy means: Inability to transmit radiant heat; impermeability to heat.

Meaning of Attendancy

Attendancy means: The quality of attending or accompanying; attendance; an attendant.

Meaning of Aurocyanide

Aurocyanide means: A double cyanide of gold and some other metal or radical; -- called also cyanaurate.

Meaning of Austromancy

Austromancy means: Soothsaying, or prediction of events, from observation of the winds.

Meaning of Zootrophic

Zootrophic means: Of or pertaining to the nourishment of animals.

Meaning of Zootomy

Zootomy means: The dissection or the anatomy of animals; -- distinguished from androtomy.

Meaning of Zootomist

Zootomist means: One who dissects animals, or is skilled in zootomy.

Meaning of Zootomical

Zootomical means: Of or pertaining to zootomy.

Meaning of Zootic

Zootic means: Containing the remains of organized bodies; -- said of rock or soil.

Meaning of Zoosporic

Zoosporic means: Of or pertaining to zoospores; of the nature of zoospores.

Meaning of Zoospore

Zoospore means: See Swarmspore.

Meaning of Zoospore

Zoospore means: A spore provided with one or more slender cilia, by the vibration of which it swims in the water. Zoospores are produced by many green, and by some olive-brown, algae. In certain species they are divided into the larger macrozoospores and the smaller microzoospores. Called also sporozoid, and swarmspore.

Meaning of Zoosporangium

Zoosporangium means: A spore, or conceptacle containing zoospores.

Meaning of -sporangia

-sporangia means: of Zoosporangium

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