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Meaning of Displeaser

Displeaser means: One who displeases.

Meaning of Displeasing

Displeasing means: Causing displeasure or dissatisfaction; offensive; disagreeable.

Meaning of Displeasure

Displeasure means: The feeling of one who is displeased; irritation or uneasiness of the mind, occasioned by anything that counteracts desire or command, or which opposes justice or a sense of propriety; disapprobation; dislike; dissatisfaction; disfavor; indignation.

Meaning of Displeasure

Displeasure means: That which displeases; cause of irritation or annoyance; offense; injury.

Meaning of Displeasure

Displeasure means: State of disgrace or disfavor; disfavor.

Meaning of Displeasure

Displeasure means: To displease.

Meaning of Displenish

Displenish means: To deprive or strip, as a house of furniture, or a barn of stock.

Meaning of Displicence

Displicence means: Alt. of Displicency

Meaning of Displicency

Displicency means: Dislike; dissatisfaction; discontent.

Meaning of Disploded

Disploded means: of Displode

Meaning of Zoochemical

Zoochemical means: Pertaining to zoochemistry.

Meaning of Zoo-

Zoo- means: A combining form from Gr. zwo^,n an animal, as in zoogenic, zoology, etc.

Meaning of Zonure

Zonure means: Any one of several of South African lizards of the genus Zonura, common in rocky situations.

Meaning of Zonulet

Zonulet means: A zonule.

Meaning of Zonule

Zonule means: A little zone, or girdle.

Meaning of Zonular

Zonular means: Of or pertaining to a zone; zone-shaped.

Meaning of Zonnar

Zonnar means: See Zonar.

Meaning of Zoneless

Zoneless means: Not having a zone; ungirded.

Meaning of Zoned

Zoned means: Zonate.

Meaning of Zoned

Zoned means: Having zones, or concentric bands; striped.

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