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Meaning of Jealous

Jealous means: Apprehensive; anxious; suspiciously watchful.

Meaning of Jealous

Jealous means: Exacting exclusive devotion; intolerant of rivalry.

Meaning of Jealous

Jealous means: Disposed to suspect rivalry in matters of interest and affection; apprehensive regarding the motives of possible rivals, or the fidelity of friends; distrustful; having morbid fear of rivalry in love or preference given to another; painfully suspicious of the faithfulness of husband, wife, or lover.

Meaning of Jealoushood

Jealoushood means: Jealousy.

Meaning of Jealously

Jealously means: In a jealous manner.

Meaning of Jealousness

Jealousness means: State or quality of being jealous.

Meaning of Jealousies

Jealousies means: of Jealousy

Meaning of Jealousy

Jealousy means: The quality of being jealous; earnest concern or solicitude; painful apprehension of rivalship in cases nearly affecting one's happiness; painful suspicion of the faithfulness of husband, wife, or lover.

Meaning of Miszealous

Miszealous means: Mistakenly zealous.

Meaning of Overjealous

Overjealous means: Excessively jealous; too jealous.

Meaning of Zymometer

Zymometer means: Alt. of Zymosimeter

Meaning of Zymome

Zymome means: A glutinous substance, insoluble in alcohol, resembling legumin; -- now called vegetable fibrin, vegetable albumin, or gluten casein.

Meaning of Zymology

Zymology means: A treatise on the fermentation of liquors, or the doctrine of fermentation.

Meaning of Zymologist

Zymologist means: One who is skilled in zymology, or in the fermentation of liquors.

Meaning of Zymological

Zymological means: Of or pertaining to zymology.

Meaning of Zymologic

Zymologic means: Alt. of Zymological

Meaning of Zymogenic

Zymogenic means: Capable of producing a definite zymogen or ferment.

Meaning of Zymogenic

Zymogenic means: Pertaining to, or formed by, a zymogene.

Meaning of Zymogene

Zymogene means: One of a physiological group of globular bacteria which produces fermentations of diverse nature; -- distinguished from pathogene.

Meaning of Zymogen

Zymogen means: A mother substance, or antecedent, of an enzyme or chemical ferment; -- applied to such substances as, not being themselves actual ferments, may by internal changes give rise to a ferment.

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